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Oahu, Hawaii Fun Shoot

Discussion in 'Rallying Point and Range Discussions' started by migoi, Jan 18, 2006.

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  1. migoi

    migoi Member

    Feb 11, 2004
    Hello all, our next HRA/LIFE (Hawaii Rifle Association/Lessons in Firearms Education) fun shoot event will be held on Sunday January 29, 2006 from 12:00 to 3:30 at the Kokohead shooting complex on the LIFE range (first shooting bay on the left as you as enter the complex). Bring eye and hearing protection, drinks, snacks, hat, chair, and guns. RSVP is required, please send confirmations of name and firearm(s) to be brought to kaneohegs@aol.com. A roster of those participating will be needed by LIFE. You must be a current HRA member. The general itinerary is as follows:

    7:30 LIFE Instructor Clinic and Fun Shoot Prep (must be a current LIFE
    instructor to attend)
    12:00 Signing of forms
    12:15 Safety briefing (participants for the afternoon MUST be present)
    12:30 Sight-in and warm-up
    13:00 Holster Session #1 *
    14:00 Break
    14:30 Bowling Pin Match (all firing commences from ready position)
    15:30 Shotgun Introduction **
    16:00 Cleanup and Close
    If we have time, or for people not participating in the match, are welcome
    to safely shoot on the side. Remember that this range can only handle
    7.62x39 or smaller.

    * We have planned holster matches in the future. However, we insist that
    all that attend these future matches be well educated on safely handling a
    firearm from a holster. To qualify, we will be holding three sessions on
    the proper use of a handgun from a holster. Attendees must be signed off on
    all three of the sessions before being allowed to participate in any planned
    holster matches. Responsible thinking adults will agree that this is a
    terrific concept.
    Bring any centerfire handgun(s), quality holster(s) and correct
    magazine/speedload pouches, proper gun belt, and a minimum 200 rounds of
    ammo. Good equipment is not that expensive, yet there are minimum standards
    for gear which is essential for safe and proper use. Holsters must cover
    the trigger guard and trigger, be rigid enough to remain open while the
    pistol is not in the holster, and securely hold the pistol during movement.
    We will not allow shoulder, behind the back, in the waistband, cross draw or
    deep concealment holsters at this time. Your gun belt must be thick and
    rigid enough so that the holster will not move or flop around. We will go
    over all of this in depth at the shoot, however, if one has questions on
    what is proper and quality gear, please ask.

    ** There will also be a defense shotgun intro, so those participating bring
    an appropriate shotgun if you have one. These events are your chances to improve skills and have fun!
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