Ohio Muzzleloader season-Tagged out!

Discussion in 'Hunting' started by Axis II, Jan 7, 2018.

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    Jul 2, 2015
    I have already shot 2 deer this year a buck and doe and was invited to hunt with my buddy and his brother this weekend and after spending a lot of money to switch over to blackhorn 209 I figured why not. We started out this morning doing a drive on a farm and as we pulled into the drive lane someone field dressed their deer right in the drive lane close to the road. Me and my buddies brother who is deerless walked into the north point we kicked up about 6 deer and they headed right to the driver. We found a giant dirt mound and I sat down and got to looking around and noticed what appeared to be fox tracks and there was a huge hole about 6ft from me that had fresh dirt and tracks. Well the driver zig zagged the woods through the bedding area and not one deer seen afterwards. We headed to lunch and then off to another spot.

    We got to the other spot, got dressed and headed in and as we were walking to the stand my buddy and I kicked up about 6-7 deer and pushed them into the bedding area. His brother headed to a stand overlooking a cut corn field that had lots of tracks and I settled in on the edge of a large cut winter wheat field with oaks on the other side and noticed a small dog sized deer come from another stand we debated on sitting and follow the creek toward my buddy with a small 6pt in tow and another 4-6pt came along a minute or two later and out of sight. I seen a nice 8pt come out and mill around but only looking for a large doe. About 5pm I see movement come from the hillside and there is a huge body deer making its way right to me so I range it and its within 100yards and I cock the hammer back on my cva and told myself check for a shed buck and sure enough it had white dots on its head. I gave it a pass and 3 more deer appear. I watched them for awhile and picked out the largest doe and got picked off by the dog size doe and it starts stomping and running a muck and put another one on alert and I am sitting there with my mitten tops off freezing and it walks broadside about 70yards and I put the crosshair right behind the leg and let it rip! The deer runs away, turns back towards me and runs to the top of the hill and rears back and flips over. All the other deer just stood there looking at it and just kept feeding until I had to pee soo bad I got down. I got down and used the restroom in the middle of the field and noticed 6 doe feeding maybe 100yards away from my buddies brother but he didn't see them.

    I checked my deer out and perfect heart shot but I noticed something odd with its face. Its tear ducts were very concaved and its eyes looked very odd almost like it was blind or something and its sockets looked off. We think she is about 2yo maybe 2.5yo. He has a lot of doe on his place so had to thin some out. Probably best she was put down. His brother or my buddy didn't get a shot on anything. My buddy had all bucks and no doe so they are still at it until Feb 7th. I am officially tagged out for my area. I have been hunting for 16yrs and only taken 2 deer prior to this year and this year I tagged 3 in a month. I am very blessed. I told my buddies brother I would take care of him with some meat. Getting late in the game so figured I have a full freezer why not help someone else out.
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