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Olde Eynsford Powder - FLINTLOCK

Discussion in 'Blackpowder' started by frontiergander, Jun 7, 2013.

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  1. frontiergander

    frontiergander Member

    May 27, 2008
    Traditions Kentucky .50cal Flintlock
    .490" Round Ball
    .018" Patch with Olive Oil - Beeswax Lube
    Olde Eynsford 3Fg Powder
    50 yards


    Started off with my 70 grain load and looked around, smiled, shook my head, I still got it even after a good year and a half of not shooting this Flintlock!

    Tapped the rear sight over to the left a good bit and this time because I have heard, Olde Eynsford is hotter, you should reduce your load down a bit. I did so and adjusted down to 60 grains 3fg Olde Eynesford. Not sure who said that was good, but my Flintlock Hated this load.

    Going back inside for 3 more charges, I upped it to 80gr Olde Eynesford 3fg and took my 3 shots. Sadly, I pulled my 3rd shot! Or did I? I haven't cleaned the rifle since I took it out earlier for the first test, but she loads so smooth and no sticky spots so why not keep shooting right?!

    That old feeling of " What If" Always seems to nag at me and to learn exactly what I did wrong, I loaded up again and squeezed off another shot. Yup, I think the dirty bore or maybe barrel heat was starting to get to the rifle.

    The Four of 80gr 3fg Olde Eynsford patches I recovered off the range. No rips, wholes, tears in them whatsoever.

    SUPER pleased with todays results and finally able to knock the dust off my Flintlock "skills" and get the old Kentucky out shooting again. Tomorrow will be another powder smoke filled day as I will continue with the 80gr 3f charges and take it up to 90 and possible 100 grains. I will not file the sight until I find the most accurate load at 50 yards. 75 yards is about my max right now off hand with this Flintlock and so if I can duplicate today's 80gr 3fg load, I will be very pleased.
  2. frontiergander

    frontiergander Member

    May 27, 2008
    Update from todays range session.
    I got out early this morning and tried my 80gr 3fg OE load but used a thicker .020" patch. No problems loading or even reloading this combo.

    The changes I made today were of course the .020" patch and I reinstalled the factory vent liner.

    50 yards again. 80 grains 3fg OE

    Loading up 90 grains 3fg OE, My shots impacted greatly to the left. Also used the .020" patch. I think I held a little low on my second shot, but my 3rd shot hit #1. I took one more " Make sure" shot in the next picture to make sure.

    Yep, I think its pretty obvious who was at fault and it wasn't the gun....
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