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    May 20, 2008
    Searched for Hatcher's Notebook hoping to find a site that had a free one to download.

    Found it in https://murdercube.com/files/Firearms/ and listed these books listed by title:

    Firearm Manuals/
    Law (re Firearms)/
    Machine Guns/
    Marksmanship and Sniping/
    9mm Pistol - B-GL-385-003-PT-001.pdf
    A Basic Manual of Military Small Arms - How to Load, Operate, Disassemble, Assemble.pdf
    Firearms Bibliography (ebook exe).zip
    Firearms Identification Volume I (2nd Edition 1973) By J Howard Mathews.pdf
    Firearms Identification Volume II (2nd Edition 1973) By J Howard Mathews.pdf
    Gatling - The Man and the Gun - Richard Hoffman.pdf
    Hatchers Notebook.pdf
    Jane's Infantry Weapons.pdf
    Modern Small Arms 1983 By Ian V Hogg - Bison Books.pdf
    OPFOR Worldwide Equipment Guide.pdf
    Our Rifles (1944) - Charles Sawyer.pdf
    Pistols, Revolvers & Ammunition By Michel Josserand & Jan Stevenson.pdf
    Rifle Storage.txt
    Silent Weapons Without Silencers.pdf
    SKS Scoped Range Report.pdf
    Survival Guns.pdf
    The American Shotgun (1910) - Askins.pdf
    The Book of Rifles (1948) - Smith.pdf
    The Machine Gun V1.pdf
    The Machine Gun V2 (p7).pdf
    The Machine Gun V3.pdf
    The Machine Gun V4 Parts 10 & 11.pdf
    The Machine Gun V5.pdf
    The Story of the Guns (1864) - Tennent.pdf
    Uzi,_Semi_auto_-_US_Patent_4335645 (1).pdf

    These files may not legally be reprinted but may be referenced as explained when you download them.

    Go to the link, select your book of choice then download it. Hatcher's Notebook is 686 pages in a 80 MB.pdf file.
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