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Open Sights!

Discussion in 'Rifle Country' started by DrawDn, Feb 3, 2013.

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  1. DrawDn

    DrawDn Member

    Dec 24, 2011
    Lotta people brave the cold & snow to shoot their rifles but I'll wait till warm weather. And very much looking forward to lining up that front post between the rear notch & target, while at just the right moment the trigger breaks. Still can't figure out why it's so satisfying to do this, BUT IT IS! Enjoyed it very much in my younger years with eyes of a hawk, and then got away from shooting & hunting for a good 20 years. Always had the itch for it tho, and especially the thoughts of a squirrels head sitting on the front post! The itch got me good about 6 years ago, so I loaded my iron-sighted 10/22 and hit the woods. Everything came back easy, comfirming the old saying, once you-then always! Everything except my 46year old eyes. I knew my eyes were'nt what they used to be, but not how bad till I sighted some squirrels with that rifle. Well I still wanted to hunt so I scoped me a fine rifle and for 2 seasons enjoyed very good success. But news & pics of a certain rifle kept my attention. The CZ 452 Ultralux, its sights, and the long barrel that I knew would make those sights even better!

    My eyes progressed to the worse even faster so as much as I regretted it I had to get glass's. My vision was fine out to arms length but from there out everything was very fuzzy. When I got em I knew how bad my eyes where and couldn't believe how good I could see now, especially far off. And sighting a rifle with irons, seemed I could as good as when I was young.

    That was 09 and I immediately got me a iron sighted CZ but I went with the Lux first, for the sake of Walnut I guess. Then in summer of 010 I got my Ultralux. In 09, 010, & 011 I enjoyed shooting better than I had ever. Plenty of practice along with quality rifles equalled success, but the Ultralux is in a league of it's own, but with both rifles my squirrel shots were outstanding, but especially with the Ultralux. At 53 I don't have the desire or drive to hunt em like I used too, but the little time I do is the most enjoyable outdoor time I spend. Plenty of practice from early spring to the August season opener makes hunting success seem rewarding and not like luck. Last summer I just didn't practice much and it showed in the fall with poor results hunting.

    I'm a firm believer in plenty of practice when using open sights. Most people prefer some type of Peep or Ghost ring but once you get open irons in your blood, Peeps are just a lenseless scope? Never taking an excited eye off your target while bringing up & leveling a good set of open irons just under it, now thats a sight picture! And one I'm again anxious to get outside and practice again!!
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