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Oppinions of the 6.8 spc

Discussion in 'Rifle Country' started by sprice, Feb 20, 2010.

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  1. sprice

    sprice Member

    Jun 25, 2008
    What are your oppinions of this cartridge? How does it compare to 5.56 NATO and 7.62x39? Would you ever buy a rifle chambered for this cartridge?
  2. R.W.Dale

    R.W.Dale Member

    Oct 14, 2005
    Northwest Arkansas
    First off this cartridge really only makes sense when viewed in the context of fitting in an AR15 magwell

    As far as terminal ballistics on game or "Other" contrary to the hyperbole it's really just a 7.62x39 that fits and most importantly FEEDS well from the aforementioned AR15 magwell

    Think of the 6.8spc as a more expensive 7.62x39 for AR15's with about 50more yds range for equal performance

    Here's an extensive thread where these cartridges are compared
    with very good posts and comparisons by Kernel

    Would I buy a rifle so chambered? if it was an AR15, it was priced right and I liked it there's be no reason not to..........provided I had the $$$$
  3. rozziboy18

    rozziboy18 Member

    Apr 10, 2009
    knoxville tn
    fine round, take 6 deer so far with it. basicly this round was brought about as a second choice for the ar platform and dose a great job, in my opinion, balistics ar good, and terminal performaces is much better that the 223. now with out starting the 5% more dead thing back up, better terminal performace, low chance of having to make a follow up shot or wounding an animal. the 6.8 is BASICLY a 223 necked up to a 115 grain 270 and is for the most part the mid way bullet between the 5.56 and the 7.62.

    my .02 is that the 556 dose a good job in the deer department but i did have one that i wounded and never found, and the 762x39 do not have the ammo market that i require ie brass, with execptions of winchester, the 6.8 is a fine bullet but i have to warn you ammo is few and far between, and not cheep.
  4. C-grunt

    C-grunt Member

    Jun 12, 2005
    Phoenix Az
    Its a good round for people wanting a bigger round in their AR.

    I have a guy I have shot in my depts rifle class with who was a Navy SEAL. He stated they used it a couple times over seas and liked it a lot.

    Only problem is, like stated above, that it doesnt have a huge market and therefor is expensive and somewhat hard to find.

    I would personaly not buy a rifle for that reason. Also for my AR needs, defense and target shooting, the .223 is a great choice.
  5. Shawn Dodson

    Shawn Dodson Member

    Dec 28, 2002
    I converted an older carry handle Colt AR15A2 to 6.8 and use it as my general purpose hunting rifle. Prior to this, I was going to sell the rifle.

    To learn more: 6.8mm SPC History and Development
  6. Zerodefect

    Zerodefect Member

    Mar 28, 2009
    Yakutsk, Sakha Republic
    I don't own a 6.8 yet, but plan on buying a Bison Armory Upper for my Colt 6920.

    The 6.8spc Silver State armory that I've seen others run through a chrono seems about as fast as heavier 5.56 rounds. The Hornady stuff was a bit slower.
    Some of the better 6.8 rounds were just as fast as 5.56!

    Think about it, 110gn 6.8 going nearly as fast as 62-77gn 5.56, so yeah it outperforms 5.56. But there are no 6.8spc Pmags, so you have to run mags from C-products and a few other companies.

    The 7.62x39 round has allways stunk at ranges outside of 200yds. IME, it needs a huge amount of holdover making it hard to aim without adjusting your optic.

    6.8 is a better round for the AR if you want to hunt, or still don't believe that the new 5.56 defensive ammo works.
  7. longdayjake

    longdayjake Member

    Apr 10, 2008
    Genesee, ID
    I happen to agree that it has a pretty similar trajectory to the 7.62x39. It also shoots a lighter bullet so terminal performance is reduced. The upside to it is that there is some really really accurate factory ammo for it. And it has a higher initial velocity so it can potentially be more lethal at closer ranges.
  8. 420Stainless

    420Stainless Member

    Aug 15, 2005
    I like it. Nice compact cartridge that is easy to reload and fits my Ruger Mini good from a function and recoil standpoint. Haven't shot any deer with it yet, so I don't have any personal experience with how it performs on game. Got a bunch loaded up with Sierra Pro-Hunter's now and will be practicing and getting ready for next season. Its not a great choice right now if you like to go to the range and burn off a couple hundred rounds at a time. Cost per round of commercial ammo is running about $1.00 per shot.

    I think it would be a fine youth chambering and may get my boy a Ruger compact in this one to start with.
  9. bcaill4

    bcaill4 Member

    Dec 25, 2008
    It turnes the AR-15 into a legitimate whitetail and pig gun and has the potential get mainstream hunters to accept "black rifles". IMO a 16" 6.8 AR makes a great truck/ranch gun its kinda like a 30-30 levergun for the 21st centry. It is hindered by the high cost of factory ammo and the limited selection of bullets avaliabe for reloading as well as the confusion about the diffrent chamber specs.I think if someone came out with $8-10 a box ammo and cheap reliable mags it would really take off.
  10. Vicious-Peanut

    Vicious-Peanut Member

    Aug 21, 2007
    Makes no sense to me, go for the 6.5 Grendel.
  11. 44 Blues

    44 Blues Member

    Jan 31, 2010
    Rhode Island
    There are MANY sources of complete guns and custom uppers as well as ammo and components -I don't understand why some folks on the web imply otherwise.

    Look at the new Wilson Combat catalog - an entire section devoted to the 6.8.

    There are several makers offering 6.8's -Bushmaster, Ruger, DPMS, Wilson Combat, Rock River, Stag, Noveske, Barrett, CMMG, Robinson XCR etc.

    Ammo - Hornady, SSA, Remington, Corbon, Sellier and Bellot, Double Tap etc.

    Reloading? got to Midway and look up .277 bullets - Barnes, Speer, Hornady, Nosler etc. there is no shortage of components.

    If you want more punch out of the AR platform and don't want the bulk of an AR10, the 6.8 would be my choice. The 6.5 is another great cartridge but not for me as I don't have any ranges over 300 yards in my area so the extended range capabilities were not a factor for me...that and the fact that there are fewer manufacturers did not help. I ended up building a lower and buying a 6.8 upper from Titan Armory/AR Performance - it's been a fantastic shooter.

    You may want to spend some time looking around here:


    Good luck with your decision.
    Last edited: Feb 22, 2010
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