Mar 10, 2004
The,sort of, Free state
What all happened with that AR15 ban bill that was being proposed/voted on in Oregon?
I've been searching for info and can't seem to find anything clear,current or definitive.
I'm asking for a friend who will be moving to there and has an AR.
"that AR15 ban bill that was being proposed/voted on in Oregon" -- I suspect there have been quite a few floated the last few years. Can you narrow it down a little?
Oregon's Measure 114 is on hold due to preliminary injunction (PI) against larger than 10 round magazine ban and temporary restraining order (TRO) against background check/permit to purchase scheme.

Arnold v Brown (OR magazine ban/permit to purchase) - State case where PI against magazine ban and TRO against background check/permit to purchase scheme were appealed by the state to Oregon Supreme Court where the appeal was denied - https://www.thehighroad.org/index.p...-aw-magazine-ban.905531/page-12#post-12549700
I thought there was a bill that was being voted on this year that was going to ban a bunch of guns.
So it is still OK to own an AR 15 in Oregon..?
They were but the minority Republican law makers decided to boycott and walked out, some out of state, to stall the passage of new bills and they are currently negotiating their return - https://www.opb.org/article/2023/06...s-abortion-gun-safety-end-republican-walkout/

Under the framework being floated to members, Democrats also might scale back an omnibus gun safety proposal, House Bill 2005. The bill included three major provisions when it passed the House in early May: prohibiting ghost guns that can’t be traced by authorities, raising the age to possess most firearms from 18 to 21 and allowing local governments to ban concealed guns.​

Oregon Republican law makers have walked out several times before between 2019 and 2021 after governor Kate Brown kept signing anti-gun and liberal bills into laws. In response, Measure 113 was passed to punish law makers who boycott/walk out - https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/poli...e-113-say-about-lawmaker-absences/ar-AA1bXzwI

So it is still OK to own an AR 15 in Oregon?
So far along with larger than 10 round capacity magazines, depending on passage of new bills into laws (Likely with Democrat majority and governor) and court challenges (Likely every anti-gun law will be challenged as they are signed into law).
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A U.S. District Court Judge has now upheld the state's restrictive gun law. Other states, such as Illinois, are attempting to push-through similar legislation.

"Federal judge upholds Oregon gun control law described as 'nation's most extreme' "


"The Friday ruling from U.S. District Court Judge Karin Immergut found that Oregon's law is in line with the Second Amendment because it is in keeping with a U.S. tradition of "regulating uniquely dangerous features of weapons and firearms to protect public safety."

"Oregon's Measure 114 bans large capacity magazines and requires residents to obtain a permit before purchasing firearms. While the law does not affect large-capacity magazines already owned by state residents, it does restrict those gun owners from taking those firearms outside their home for any reason other than gun range practice, shooting competitions, or hunting.

"While the National Rifle Association has not filed a legal challenge against the law, its legislative arm condemned it as 'the nation’s most extreme gun control Initiative.' "