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Orlando area ranges

Discussion in 'General Gun Discussions' started by TexKettering, Jan 22, 2008.

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  1. TexKettering

    TexKettering Member

    Feb 13, 2007
    San Antonio/Charleston
    My sister moved to Orlando and is looking for an outdoor range where she can practice trap shooting with her new shotgun. I've found a bunch of indoor ranges and only one outdoor range that requires a membership and I'm not even sure if they have shotgun ranges (Central Florida Rifle & Pistol).

    Anyone know of a nice shotgun range she could go to?
  2. Chester32141

    Chester32141 Member

    Nov 24, 2007
    Edgewater, Florida
  3. divemedic

    divemedic Member

    Nov 18, 2007
    30 minute drive from Disney World
    Central Florida Rifle and pistol has: (all outdoor)

    a 25m range
    100 yard
    300 yard
    Practical Range
    even axe throwing, if that is your thing
  4. Guitargod1985

    Guitargod1985 Member

    Jul 11, 2007

    I lived in Orlando for most of my life. As far as shooting clays goes, I always went to the Ocala Forest outdoor public shooting range. It has a 100 yard range for pistols and rifles, and a separate area for shotguns. Granted, it's a long way from Orlando, which is why I only went every other weekend, but it's free to shoot there from sunrise to sunset.

    The range is just north of State Road 40, a few miles west of 19. Here's the website with an exact location: Ocala Range. It's on Forest Road 88. If you Mapquest it, you can find decent directions, but only follow the directions until you get to SR 40, because Mapquest will send you past the range for some reason. Once you turn onto SR 40, then look for a dirt road on the right (north) side of the road a few miles west.

    Another place to shoot trap is Moss Park, but I believe they either require membership or invitation. Could be wrong about that, though.

    EDIT: I believe that the Ocala range is closed for maintenance once or twice a month on certain days. Check the website for details.

    Hope this helps. :)
  5. xsquidgator

    xsquidgator Member

    Jan 14, 2007
    At least two places:
    1) CFRPC-Central Fla Rifle and Pistol Club (I recently became a member)
    2) Chuluota Sportsmen's Club (CSC) (I was a member until just last month and let it lapse to join CFRPC)

    Both are good. CSC is smaller with maybe 5 or so lanes each at 25, 50, 75, and 100 yards, plus a trap/skeet shooting area. It's in what used to be the country but now has houses springing up within 1/4 mile. Last spring a neighbor had a .40 cal bullet go through her window and things got stricter. Used to be unsupervised; since then there's an RSO there which added to the club expenses, and you have to sign in/out and they're stickier about the rules. To join, just fill out an application (you have to meet certain reqmts like show you've had gun training and are an NRA member), mail it in, and go through a weekly orientation session and that's about it.

    CFRPC has a few more hoops to jump through to join, it takes a month to join and you can only do so at the monthly membership meetings. CFRPC is larger and more organized than CSC. More lanes at each shooting distance, and ranges go up to 300 yards. Plus a trap shooting area (nothing larger than #6 birdshot though) and a plinking range. They have a clay-thrower (whatever it's called) set up in the trap area so you can go there yourself if you want and shoot clays, if you bring the clays. CFRPC hosts IPSC, IDPA, 3 gun, cowboy, and other matches, plus classes of various kinds, which was my main reason for moving over from Chuluota Sportsmen's Club.

    CSC (Chuluota) has trap night every Thursday, no membership required. IIRC it was ~$8 for 50 clays plus your shells, and the club subsidizes the cost of those down to like $4 a box. Chuluota SC also has trap (and silhouette too) the second Sunday of each month, no membership required to do those either.
  6. mekender

    mekender Member

    Oct 15, 2007
    there are also trap ranges in brevard and up in flagler county... the one in flagler looks really nice from what ive seen on the web... i was really happy with CFRPC when i lived there... also there is a range out in eustis that does cowboy shooting and trap... i dont know the name though...

    indoors you have a lot of choices, but indoor trap is tough to pull off :-D
  7. Bill2e

    Bill2e Member

    Nov 29, 2007
    There is a new Public Shotgun Range in Volusia County.

    Not to far depending on where in Orlando she is comming from.

    THere is Also a Private Club in Western Volusia County very close to Seminole county that shoots 1st & 3rd Saturday of the month.
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