Participated in a "straw" purchase today...

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Number of guns I had when married: 0
Number of guns I had after dissolution of marriage: >0, <1000. Best guess, because I really don't know: 175.

We've been split up for about 7 years and the curve for gun acquisition has been exponential. She was not anti-gun at all and still isn't (she enjoys coming shooting with me now), but my priorities were on buying houses and cars, graduate school for me and her, all those things society says you are supposed to work towards to be happy and successful modern adults.
Fishing had always been my greatest passion in life since I could walk, but here on the Gulf Coast the influx of immigrants has caused terrible overcrowding and overfishing. An old Army buddy got me into shooting and assembling ARs and I haven't looked back since. I got into long distance shooting and recently have been fixated on 1911s. So life is good, and my only regret is not getting into shooting sooner. Full stop.
I don't hide purchases from my wife. I mean, how am I supposed to explain a Jeep mysteriously appearing in our driveway?
I don't hide anything either. My wife will just ask "gun stuff or model train stuff" when a package arrives. Here lately I have surpassed her by buying stuff for our small boat to make fishing more enjoyable for her. She loves fishing so I keep her happy by buying fishing related stuff for her.
You ought to mention to this guy that everything he does on the internet is easily tracked right to his home address (which it is).

Oh, he's been told and all that did was feed his paranoia. He denies himself the internet(He goes to the library, where he believes nobody tracks his searches), cable TV (Reception is really bad in his area, and everyone there complains, or has cable or fiber internet/TV), and a bunch of other things due to his belief "they" are watching every move he makes. He lives alone, so he has no GF/wife to worry about them finding out what he's looking at, and using it "against him". It's just insanity!
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