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pax...paging pax please...

Discussion in 'General Gun Discussions' started by sm, Oct 15, 2005.

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  1. sm

    sm member

    Dec 22, 2002
    Between black coffee, and shiftn' gears
    It is cute

    The lady said her Glock 26 was cute, now where have I heard that before?

    Yeah well you other folks can read this too, even you folks that don't own a Glock 26.

    Forget the fact I was in a one car garage, under a vehicle, with a lady under there with me when the question is asked. So what does one do if trouble were to happen - like right now?

    Stupid me, being a guy and all, "Well we are in a closed one car garage..."

    Told you I was stupid, and no the reply did not satisfy her question.

    So after the dealie which was the reason for being under her car in a closed garage was done...

    We had an informal training session right then and there. Right off the bat I noticed with her car being off the ramp, neither of us could actually fit under it.

    No I did not get off the hook that easy...I am a guy remember?

    Okay I realize the chances of me actually having to be under my car, even as low as it is - that far under it... well it could happen.

    I will give you one guess whose truck was put into garage after her car was backed out.

    Okay for starters we talked about how one shoots from underneath a vehicle. For safety reasons we were going to use Unloaded Guns, triple checked, mags removed and ammo in the kitchen.

    Get ready, here it comes...

    Lets use your gun, mine is too cute

    "Its a frigging Glock, it ain't supposed to be...".

    I just shut up. She knows her CCW is a tool, does not baby it, has fired a BUNCH of rounds thru it in all sorts of environs.

    WE will use yours, and keep mine which, I'll have you know I did my weekley inspect and all last night on , over on the washer...

    Add the head tilt, wink, smirk, arm folding she does (ladies are good at) ...ain't no way I am going to change this thing.

    Drop mag, rack slide over the dealie she uses for a 'bang barrel'. I decide to just remove my bbl from my Keltec P-11. Just because, and extra margin of 4 Rules.

    You got dust bunnies...
    "Yeah so what? My belly-button gets those too and it still works...wanna see?"

    She declined, the question did get raised as to why guys get lint in their naval and women don't...

    Well first off, how one CCWs makes a difference. She uses a IWB strongside often.

    Then with me under my truck she leaves me all by my lonesome and returns with a belly band. Seems she likes the idea of this for some attire. Easier to get to if worn with gun on weak side. I reminded her , she will not have the luxury of changing what she actually has in the midst of a situation.

    She new that, she just wanted to see the differences in the two.

    "Clang" , "Ding" OOPs, sorry...

    It is only a P-11 and a truck. My spare tire, muffler, exhaust pipe...didn't mind at all.

    Do not make a smart aleck comment about a lady holding a gun "gansta style". While is may be difficult to access and get a firing "grip" on a handgun underneath a truck a ladies elbow has no problem...trust me on this. Oh knees work too...

    Lessons were learned, ideas shared and tossed to and fro. The cardboard one lays atop of catches the 'gunk' from under a vehicle "knocked loose" ( sure ain't squat for padding on concrete). A guy gets to clean his gun IN THE HOUSE with no gripes, even gets to use the "good paper towels" the ones with names of Spices and such after using the good soap.

    A guy is also entertained while washing up, and during his sandwich with a lady crawling under her coffee table , banging her head, and pointing her fingers...

    Tip: Take a big bite of sandwich if the lady asks the age old question Do these jeans make my butt look big?

    When asked again (they alway do).

    "Sure is a cute Glock you have". :p

    I highly recommend elbow protectors btw (which we didn't ). A bigger garage helps too.

    She was the "BG" standing at my feet, I do back scoot to opposite side to gain distance.

    That ain't fair..

    Forget fair, I gained distance, had some concealment/ cover if you will, and knee walked to where I pointed my finger and said 'bang' from front of truck.

    Her next shooting style to practice is downed , on butt like under her car and having to shoot with gun off to side, with mag base on. near the ground. I showed her both...

    Not easy in one car garage for a guy 6' and 170#'s I assure you.

    Something to think about, perhaps practice, as we all know one never knows...

  2. english kanigit

    english kanigit Member

    Sep 14, 2004
    Oklahoma - At the "Bubonic Bed and Breakfast" look
    Sounds like a.... ummm.... interesting lesson. :scrutiny:

    I hope you had fun. :neener:
  3. sm

    sm member

    Dec 22, 2002
    Between black coffee, and shiftn' gears
    Ya know, I coulda swore I put this in Tactics and all...
    Being a guy and all I probably messed up - huh?.

    Need a little assistance from a Staff...any Guys online...help a guy save face here ..??:eek:

    Nope, no nothing going on but a lady I know who takes personal responsiblity for herself. Great thing about being older, one can just say stuff, joke, kid and not have everything "mean something else".

    Educated, smart, darn good shotgunner too, I know the guy that instructed her;)

    In my experience, ladies make better students. I repect them, ask permission before I enter personal space, put hands onto in assisting with stance, grip, anything.

    This one being in the medical business, well we have been in the OR together back when I did that work. It is a patient lying on the table. Yeah sure gender is evident, still in the OR one respects the patient even while under.

    Guys and Gals just take care of what needs taking care of. Be it medical or gun training of some kind.

    Way I look at it anyway. I mean this "surviving" anything is pretty serious stuff.

    Not that we don't sometimes kid, poke fun, use humor to cope dealing with serious matters.
    After a 8 hour surgery, and the things we saw and experienced...some call it sick humor - we called it sanity.

    Same stuff happens when training. The stress, exhaustion, the embarrassing moments, screwing up, doing really well. Sanity and coping.
  4. pax

    pax Member

    Dec 24, 2002
    Washington state
    Of course the baby Glock is cute. Only a guy would try to deny it!

    Um, Steve? What exactly does your belly button do...? I mean, besides collect lint of course!
    I've always believed that guys do not have hair on their chests -- it's actually cilia, which peel lint off the man's shirt and send it straight down into his belly button.

    Once upon a time at a match, I pulled my carry gun for the first stage and found the front sight obscured by the largest dust bunny I'd ever encountered anywhere except under a child's bed. The range officer burst into most unmanly giggles, and ever since then one of my range buddies usually refers to me by a very distressing nickname.


    Re the rest of the tale, good post. Seems to me, though, that the initial stages of learning to shoot from downed position might have been a tad easier without that pesky vehicle in the way. ;)

  5. sm

    sm member

    Dec 22, 2002
    Between black coffee, and shiftn' gears
    ...I suggested that.

    I did the downed dealies at that place you HARPED at me to attend...
    I have done the downed thingie, whatchamacallit, stage doohickey at that shoot I attended, that "you" said would be neat...
    I wanna do THIS - as YOU put it "informal out of the box" right here, right now, in my garage...

    I am a guy, I may be totally stupid and wrong about a lot of things, I'll even admit to that.

    Granted there are no 'absolutes' in life...still one can make a safe wager if a guy's words are spoken back at him by a lady or a kid...the guy ain't got a prayer.

    You want me to break this news to your 5 young men...I will. :p

    I am grateful her lab thought playing in the back yard was a better idea than "assisting me". He would have been right under the truck, having a good time, trying to get into my shirt pocket to check for peppermints.

    He is very protective of the lady, thinks I hung the moon, protective of me as well. He is the lab that got pissed when we threw targets and shot them...he thought the targets were for HIM to chase..."whaddya mean breaking my clay targets?"

    Don't even grab a gun case and NOT and have plans to accompany...whether you are headed out or not, makes no difference - in his mind "gun case=gun= outdoors".

    Pax, I forgot, she is just one of many I shared your tip about using a tube top for wearing under a belly band, she greatly appreciates this btw.

    She reports one will get a really weird look changing into scrubs in the Docs lounge tho' at 2am...

    PDAs, cell phones , pagers fit in this under my scrubs...

    They really will...
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