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***Phoenix area alert***

Discussion in 'Legal' started by waterdog, Mar 31, 2006.

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  1. waterdog

    waterdog Member

    Dec 28, 2002
    *** Phoenix Area Alert!!! ***

    *** PHOENIX AREA ALERT!!! ***

    Unofficial word going around is that another work/school walkout protest rally is planned for Monday, April 10th. This time they expect 500,000 people to flood the streets here in Phoenix. The local Spanish radio and TV stations and DJs are really pumping this up to get a huge turnout to protest against our effort to control ILLEGAL immigration.

    We MUST get our word out and COUNTER this massive illegal-alien-supporting demonstration they have planned.

    ** Word on the "other" board is that a counter-protest rally at McCain's headquarters may be in the works * *

    I'm all for supporting and helping a protest against illegal-immigration - right now public polls strongly show that the American public is on OUR side - so we need to KEEP the pressure up on our Senators & Representatives - and even our local officials. Phx Mayor Gordon criticized the massive protest downtown last weekend and is now under a LOT of pressure to buckle and apologize for his remarks.

    THEY need to know that WE support them!!!!

    For those who can counter-protest - DO IT!!!!

    For those who can't - WRITE YOUR REPRESENTATIVES both local and federal and GIVE THEM YOUR SUPPORT!

    And call the local Talk Radio shows and DJs to get the word out that we OPPOSE illegal immigration!

    The politicians need to know that the people are behind them and that we OPPOSE rewarding illegal immigrants with "guest worker visas" even as the mobs take to the streets.

    "Don't go all wobbly on us"

    US HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES: Locate And Contact YOUR Representative HERE.

    DC (202)224-3344
    TN (615)352-9411

    * Sen. Jon Kyl, R-AZ
    DC (202) 224-4521
    AZ (602) 840-1891
    * Sen. John McCain, R-AZ
    DC (202) 224-2235
    AZ (602) 952-2410

    PHOENIX MAYOR: Mayor Phil Gordon

    ARIZONA GOVERNOR: Gov. Janet Napolitano

    Local Arizona Talk Radio Hosts -

    * KFYI Talk Radio, AM 550: Call (602) 260-5394
    - Bruce Jacobs 5AM-8AM Mon-Fri Email
    - Barry Young 8AM-10AM Mon-Fri Email
    - Joe Crummey 4PM-7PM Mon-Fri Email

    * KKNT Talk Radio, AM 960: Call 1-888-891-5454
    - Tom Liddy & Austin Hill 5PM-8PM Mon-Fri Email

    Local Phoenix Radio DJs -

    * 98KUPD, FM 97.9: Call (602) 260-9800
    - John Holmberg 5:30AM-10AM Mon-Fri Email
    - Others listed here

    * KDKB, FM 93.3: Call 602-260-9393 (studio/request line)
    - Paul & Torgy 5:30AM-10AM Mon-Fri Email
    - Others listed here

    * KNIX, FM 102.5: Call (602) 260-5649 (studio/request line)
    - Tim & Willy 5:00AM-9AM Mon-Fri timhattrick@clearchannel.com (Tim); willydloon@clearchannel.com (Willy)
    - Others listed here

    * KMLE, FM 108.7: Call 602-258-8181 (main line)
    - Dave Pratt 5:00AM-9AM Mon-Fri themayor@davepratt.net
    - Others listed here


    * This is NOT anti-immigrant, it is pro-LEGAL immigrant - We must support LEGAL immigrants and protect THEIR right to be treated FAIRLY. Excusing and actually rewarding ILLEGAL immigration is a slap in the face to all LEGAL immigrants who followed the rules, paid their dues, waited their turn and obeyed the law!

    * Polls show 60% Americans are strongly against rewarding illegal immigration - Do NOT reward people who's first act upon coming to America is to IGNORE OUR LAWS and cheat against those awaiting LEGAL immigration.

    * Support and defend the rule of law - Do NOT reward illegal immigrants who violated our laws by allowing them access to "guest-worker visas" that other immigrants have to apply and wait for. We are a nation of laws, not conveniences.

    * Protect our people - Illegal immigrants have no medical tests (like for drug-resistant TB) to be here or stay here under the "guest-worker visa" plan, unlike all other immigrants must have and pass. And unlike LEGAL immigrants, illegal immigrants had no criminal background check when they entered the country.

    * Protect our nation - we're at war with terrorists who KNOW how and where to get into our nation easily by the hundreds - people are doing it every night. Homeland Security starts at home - SECURE OUR BORDERS!

    * Stop passing the buck - What will happen when all these "guest-worker visas" expire in 3-5 years and they're all required to go back home? If they don't want to leave, then will they all become "illegal immigrants" all over again?

    * Dump the "guest-worker" plan - Instead focus on:
    1) increasing the punishment for employers of illegal immigrants,
    2) strengthening border security far more than it is, and
    3) allowing border patrol AND local law enforcement more power to go after and pursue illegal immigrants.


    And if a counter-protest is planned and you decide to go, be there with American flag waving and be "PRO-legal immigration" and especially be "PRO-rule of law". We support LEGAL immigrants and oppose rewarding ILLEGAL immigration. Don't burn Mexican flags. Don't wave signs saying "Go Home Vato" or other such provacative/ethnic slurs. Just like the Minutemen brought out nothing but pure class and lawful citizenry in their actions, these counter-protesters need to be aware that IMAGE IS EVERYTHING! And it's the MEDIA who will try to find the most skinhead/88 looking, camo-wearing, ****-talking racist to "represent" the counter-protesters.

    Be a model CITIZEN

    I copied this from another forum.

  2. KriegHund

    KriegHund Member

    Feb 18, 2005
    Colorado, Broomfield

    I'll post it on some other forums i frequent. I dont live in arizona anymore but good luck and i'll try to help.
  3. Art Eatman

    Art Eatman Administrator Staff Member

    Dec 22, 2002
    Terlingua, TX; Thomasville,GA
    This go-round is a better subject for APS.

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