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Planning a holiday in AUS and you're a LAFO, don't go to Dreamworld

Discussion in 'General Gun Discussions' started by John-Melb, Oct 8, 2010.

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  1. John-Melb

    John-Melb Member

    Apr 13, 2006
    Recently received this

    Apparently if you're a law abiding firearms owner, and are planning a family holiday to the Gold Coast, don't go to Dreamworld, you're not welcome.

    Anybody else interested in telling Dreamworld what you think of them?

    Don't forget, "be polite"

    Dear All,

    Most of you will know who Nioa Trading is but for those do not, NIOA is now Australasia's largest privately-owned supplier of small arms, ammunition and related products to the commercial, law enforcement and military markets,Nioa has ben in the Industry for over 30 years and brings this experience distributing product to the Australian market.

    I personally take offence to this reaction from Dreamworld and we all need to get together and let Dreamworld know how we feel and that we are not a small community.

    Dreamworld at the Gold Coast has refused to hold NIOA’s staff Christmas party in the wildlife section of their amusement park because of our association with firearms. Dreamworld routinely rents out Tiger Island for corporate functions, which includes a wildlife show as part of the entertainment. Dreamworld withdrew its offer to hold our Christmas party at Tiger Island after discovering we are in the firearms industry.

    below you will find all written communications between NIOA and Dreamworld for your reference.

    I for one have never seen such an openly anti-gun position from any Australian organisation.

    I find their behaviour offensive and ask all likeminded firearm owners to register their feelings directly with the General Manager of Dreamworld:

    Paul Callander

    General Manager - Commercial Operations

    Dreamworld & WhiteWater World

    Phone: 07 5588 1177

    Fax: 07 5588 1119

    Email: paul_callander@dreamworld.com.au

    Given that Dreamworld already holds a negative opinion of Australian firearm owners, please ensure all comments are delivered in a professional and well thought out manner. Keep in mind that we want to promote a positive image of firearm owners and not reinforce Dreamworld’s pessimistic view.


    Robert Nioa

    Managing Director
    PO Box 181
    Banyo Qld 4014 Australia
    Ph: +61 7 3621 9999
    Fax: +61 7 3621 9998
    Web: www.nioa.net.au
    From: Michelle Manskie

    Sent: Friday, 24 September 2010 3:02 PM

    To: 'alissa_morgan@dreamworld.com.au'

    Cc: Robert Nioa; Paul Brent; Ken Stevens; Damien Conlon; Richard Francis Subject: Complaint and Request for Apology

    Dear Alissa,

    Further to your conversation with Robert Nioa this afternoon regarding our Christmas party booking at Dreamworld, please find attached an official complaint and request for apology.

    We look forward to your soonest reply. Sincerely,

    Michelle Manskie


    PO Box 181

    Banyo Qld 4014 Australia Ph: +61 7 3621 9999

    Fax: +61 7 3621 9998 Web: www.nioa.net.au
    ISO 9001 certified

    Ms Alissa Morgan

    Sales Executive – Events

    Dreamworld & WhiteWater World

    COOMERA QLD 4209

    Via Email: alissa_morgan@dreamworld.com.au

    Dear Ms Morgan,

    RE: Refusal to Accept Booking

    I refer to your offensive phone call to me of today’s date, where you advised that Dreamworld is unwilling to accept a booking for our Christmas party because you took moral exception to the industry we operate in.

    We make no apologies for being Australia’s preeminent supplier of firearms and ammunition. This role sees us as the dominant supplier of firearms and ammunition to the Australian law enforcement community who protect all Australians. This includes the Queensland Special Emergency Response Team charged with the responsibility of being first responders in the event of a terrorist attack in our local region.

    We are also very proud of our support and efforts in supplying ammunition and weapons to the Australian Department of Defence, who are at this very time defending Australia’s sovereignty and attempting to prevent the purveyance of terrorism activities on our home soil.

    In non-law enforcement and military circles, we are also very proud to support those in our community who actively cull feral and introduced pests in order to protect our native flora and fauna. If you have any sympathy for the devastation being delivered to native fauna in National Parks, State Parks, State Forestry, and on private land, you would also be whole-heartedly supporting Australia’s conservation hunters and applauding our work to supply them with the tools they need to undertake their work.

    The specific issue which you most naively took offense with appeared to be our association with individuals who hunt game in Africa. If you had any genuine or informed interest in that topic, you would understand that through the commercialisation of hunting in Africa - and therefore the attribution of an economic value - we have seen a reversal of the widespread trend of needless slaughtering by farmers and tribes people that occurred in the 1970s, to the extent where many animals became endangered.

    Organisations throughout the globe, both Government and non-Government, backed by significant volumes of research, have applauded the work of hunters who have facilitated through the provision of funds to African Governments the employment of park rangers to prevent poaching and manage breeding programs in wildlife sanctuaries.

    NIOA PO BOX 181 BANYO Q 4014 AUSTRALIA. PH: (07) 3621 9999 FAX: (07) 3621 9998
    ACN: 010 108 086 ABN: 11 646 964 149
    Email: r.nioa@nioa.net.au Web: www.nioa.net.au

    Page 2

    Your refusal to accept our booking is offensive not only to myself, my staff and their family members, but should also be considered offensive to wildlife lovers and those at the informed end of the wildlife management debate. I require an apology in writing as to the naivety of your comments and your organisation’s comments, and I expect the dates you had previously offered (in particular 18 December) to be reconfirmed.

    Should you fail to deal with our company in an unbiased and non-discriminatory manner, I shall seek advice as to the various remedies afforded to us under the Trade Practices Act 1974 and common law. I look forward to your response within two working days.

    Yours sincerely,

    Robert Nioa Managing Director

    NIOA PO BOX 181 BANYO Q 4014 AUSTRALIA. PH: (07) 3621 9999 FAX: (07) 3621 9998
    ACN: 010 108 086 ABN: 11 646 964 149
    Email: r.nioa@nioa.net.au Web: www.nioa.net.au
    From: Paul_Callander@dreamworld.com.au [mailto:paul_Callander@dreamworld.com.au] Sent: Wednesday, 29 September 2010 8:27 AM

    To: Robert Nioa

    Subject: Refusal to Accept Booking - NIOA

    Mr Nioa,

    I am responding to your correspondence addressed to Alissa Morgan of Dreamworld & WhiteWater World dated & received on 24 September, 2010.

    Contrary to your request we will not be providing an apology on the comments provided by Alissa with regards to your proposed event & Dreamworld stands by Alissa's decision to offer an alternate venue for your event.

    The Trade Practices Act does not give anyone an absolute right to be supplied, and Dreamworld is entitled to refuse to supply services to your company. In addition, there is no obligation on our business to justify its decision to refuse supply.

    As advised to you previously, whilst Dreamworld will not offer the wildlife park as a potential venue for your event, we are willing to accommodate your staff and their family members in any other precinct throughout the Park.


    Paul Callander

    General Manager - Commercial Operations

    Dreamworld | WhiteWater World

    www.dreamworld.com.au | www.whitewaterworld.com.au

    P 07 55881177 F 07 55881119 M 0409 899 425 E paul_callander@dreamworld.com.au

    Please consider your environmental responsibility before printing this email.

    From: Robert Nioa

    Sent: Thursday, 30 September 2010 4:18 PM To: Paul_Callander@dreamworld.com.au Subject: RE: Refusal to Accept Booking - NIOA


    Dreamworld is seeking to make a political statement through the withdrawal of an offer to supply services to my company. Do not presume to tell me my legal rights in this regard. The base content of the communications I have received from you and your representatives on this issue is offensive enough.

    I find it an almost impossible leap of logic that sees you intent on persecuting my staff and launching an attack against licensed Australian firearm owners because people participate in government controlled hunting and conservation programs in Africa.

    Presumably your target is international organisations, Governments and local tribes-people directly involved with these activities. You have drawn an extremely long bow to make such a strong and aggressive stand against an Australian company focussed on wholesaling products to the Australian military, Australian Law Enforcement and Australian firearm dealers.

    Your position is almost comical given your direct involvement in the caging and exploitation of wild animals for entertainment.

    I will ensure I pass on your message to the intended recipients.

    Robert Nioa

    Managing Director


    PO Box 181

    Banyo Qld 4014 Australia Ph: +61 7 3621 9999
  2. mnrivrat

    mnrivrat Member

    Dec 24, 2002
    This infromation needs to be sent to the NRA and other pro firearm US groups so that they can give a heads up to their members to avoid Dreamworld when planning vacation in Australia .

    PS: I have contacted Dreamworld to let them know it will be our intent to notify all US organizations related to the firearms field, and to have them notify their members to avoid Dreamworld while visiting Australia.

    Lets get this done folks .
    Last edited: Oct 8, 2010
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