Plenty of Legitimate reasons to be in a Bar other Than Looking for Trouble

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I completely agree. I often go to bars in an ambulance . . . . because that's where the customers are.

Just kidding. You're right, but I couldn't resist.
alright, i see something here. common sense. look i hav ebeen to a lot of bars. id carry in every single one. BUT HERES THE KICKER i wouldnt go into the dive that is asking for trouble. common snese when carrying in a bar. if you think a confrotation could arise dont be in that bar. theres plenty more that are full of better kind hearted people.
I often go to bars in an ambulance . . . . because that's where the customers are.

I often went to bars in my squad car, for exactly the same reason, that's where the customers are. I'm glad that nobody else in this thread has ever seen a bar fight. Unfortunately not everyone chooses their watering holes so carefully. A search of this subforum will bring up plenty of posts about bar fights by members who routinely hung out where they occurred and a few by members who seemed to enjoy participating in them. That's why the general advice is to stay away.
When I was 18, I thought it was cool to hang out at a bar, Billy's Place, to be exact.

One night, there was a bar fight there in the parking lot. It was the most violent thing I've ever witnessed (I've had a sheltered life). I was surprised the person attacked survived the event. I never realized how much someone being kicked in the head sounded like a pumpkin being dropped on cement...

Carrying in a bar in Colorado is legal, but I don't see any wisdom in it. For me, I'll just stay out of bars.
A bar is usually a place full of drunk stupid people, some of whom have lost what few inhibitors they had when they walked into the place.

The potential for violence and general stupidity is high.

A smart person avoids places like that.


That may be true in your area Dammit but hardly in most places .

As has been stated "Bar" is the general term that covers all types of establishments . Ever been in within a few blocks of a major cities government area ? If you haven't take a trip there and you'll find them loaded with Planty of "Bars" although they will prefer being called " A Lounge" and when it comes to the clientele you'll find the places full of "Smart people" thats is if you consider people with law degrees smart .

More than a few attorneys and even the judges will go there quite regularly to relax after a day of dealing with societies worst scum all day long and have alcoholic drinks .

Then there are plenty of "Night Clubs" where the main attraction will be as simple as members of the opposite sex trying to meet and they will make sure a trouble maker finds the exit if not get to meet the local LEO's in a hurry .

Then there is an orgaization called the FOP , ever heard of it ? It stands for the Fraternal Order Of Police , take a wild guess what sort of stupid armed people hang out there and drink alcohol ? O and yes I know this for a fact as I have been in the local FOP lodge on many occassions with a LEO friend and yes he was armed and drinking as were other officers there , when inside they would take off their coats or jackets and their off duty arms were in as plain a sight as the mug of draft beer they were drinking .

It's a National organization BTW and I doubt many if any "Lodge" locations exist without having a area that serves adult beverages .

What is or isn't "usually" true isn't the issue anyway what is true is ALL Americans are suppose to enjoy the Rights that the framers clearly put in the Constitution ALL of them .

Funny even now when I read it the I can't find any stipulations that the Framers attatched to them that todays Politicians seem to assume they can , no where did Thomas Jefferson or any others write that one gives up his right to "Life and Liberty" or even self defense just because he is in a "Tavern" the popular term for "Bars" back then .
One more time, folks- this is S&T, it isn't Legal & Political.

Talk about S&T, or this one is done for being off topic.

To those responding to my post:

I'm not a drinker or a person who hangs out in bars and I don't start fights.

My strategy is to stay out of bars, when I'm not working at the bar where I am a bouncer on weekends. Bars are where the drunks are and bars are a great place to find trouble.

I see it every weekend. Drunk stupid people + your gun = a bad idea.

I subscribe to Jeff Coopers nonattendance strategy because I know from close personal experience what the potential is for things to go horribly wrong, because I'm the guy who eliminates the problems.

Yeah, some bars are friendly and safe, most of the time. But there is always the potential for things to going very wrong very quickly.
I know my roommate will open carry when going into any establishment that serves alcohol (in accordance with VA law) but I just can't bring myself to be in possession of a firearm when consuming alcohol no matter how little. I don't drink that much to begin with but it's a chance that I'm not willing to take.
Given in my state, carrying in a bar area is a no-no. That said I don't carry in such areas.

But down to reasons for being at a bar....

Well, I personally go to a sports bar out here to shoot pool. the one I go to has the lowest priced tables in the area, and the slates are in perfect condition (the ball return could be improved, but well and oh well). While there, I'll have one or two $1 beers (half-pints). A nice cheap night out with some of my pool playing friends. There's also some great folks out's an older place, and almost everyone that goes there is a pool player, so we all get along fine for the most part.

Now on the other hand...the bar across the's a nice bar, but it's a bit of a dive. The only times I go there is because some friends and I want to go drink a little bit more than we should and not have to worry about driving anywhere....just cross the street and a short walk...we're home.

Then we have the local wing joint. One can consider it a sports bar, but I go there to get some nice spicy deep fried goodness in my belly. I just go there, get some wings/celery/bleu chesse dip and a Mountain Dew. I love wings, and they love me.....kinda. :)

Then there's a bar here that has the best burgers in the metro area. Burger and a Barq's. nuff said.

That's the thing.....some of these "bars" aren't being treated as bars by a good number of people. To label them all as "places to get drunk" or "places to cause trouble" is stereotyping all establishments in a negative manner.
Ohio law states that I can't carry any place that has a license to serve alcohol. That means that virtually any restaurant I go to I'm forbidden to carry.

I hate how the driveby news lumps any place that serves alcohol into a bar. What the hell is the point? I can't (legally or morally) drink while carrying, so why can't I carry in a place I'm not consuming alcohol?
What the hell is the point? I can't (legally or morally) drink while carrying,
Please don't confuse "legality" with "morality"....the two are not in any way connected.....

For example....

It may be illegal to "jay-walk", but it is certainly not "immoral" to "jay-walk".
If you must carry in a bar, make sure to use a concealment holster with some kind of retention. I have an old Don Hume bobcat (for j frame with hammer) left over from the 80s. It has a hidden "wrap around" thumb break and the gun must tilt forward to clear the trigger guard like the revolver duty holsters from that era. Then there is the Blackhawk serpa and the discontinued Safariland 6281 SLS with pancake style belt slots.
The 6281 duplicates the duty holsters of today with the SLS system. I would NEVER open carry anywhere without a 6281. I am saying conceal it to the max in a bar, never allow a drunk to spot that weapon and get ideas. You can add the optional sentry ($10) to any Safariland SLS holster and take it up to level 4 security. I would leave my gun at home if i planned on getting drunk in a bar.
I love how everyone is just a one-or-two-beer drinker. I wonder how the beverage companies stay in business with so little of their product being sold!
If I'm drinking more than two pints of beer, I'm at home with good friends and a cheesy horror DVD that we're all making fun of.

I do drink, but I moderate as appropriate. Time and place for everything...and in public is not the place to get inebriated. Too many variables to deal with when sober in a crowd, let alone after 4-5 forget that.
My moonlighting gig is drumming in a rock and roll band. So I am in bars quite a bit. If I drink at all it is one beer during the third set. We usually play 4 45 minute sets for a bar gig. I do not conceal carry but the Ithaca 37 is always in the truck as the real danger is in the parking lots of these establishments. My bass player conceal carries on stage,(legal in Oregon). In fact he just switched from a Kimber pro carry to a Ruger LCR. Never had a problem that would justify brandishing or drawing down in the clubs. I can't say the same for my front lawn.
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