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Police State??????

Discussion in 'General Gun Discussions' started by SSN Vet, Aug 8, 2008.

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  1. SSN Vet

    SSN Vet Member

    Jan 3, 2006
    The Dark Side of the Moon
    Is it Just me, or does this cr@& seem to be happening more and more....

    And the pathetic, lame way they justify their no knock raide ...."the Mother-in-law saw us coming and screemed"

    Shot one of the dogs while it was running away????

    And then after the fact, when it's obvious they screwed up royally, they still pretend like they were right and the victims are to blame.

    :cuss: :fire:



    BERWYN HEIGHTS, Maryland — A small town mayor whose house was raided and dogs were killed by police appears to be an innocent victim of a drug smuggling scheme, authorities said.

    Police kicked in the door and stormed the home of the mayor of Berwyn Heights, Maryland, shooting two black Labradors and seizing an unopened package with 32 pounds of marijuana inside. But the drugs evidently did not belong to him or his wife.

    Police say Cheye Calvo and his wife appeared to be victims of a plan by two men to smuggle millions of dollars worth of marijuana by having it delivered to about a half-dozen unsuspecting recipients.

    The two men under arrest include a FedEx package deliveryman; investigators said the deliveryman would drop off a package outside a home, and the other man would come by a short time later and pick it up.

    A furious Calvo said Thursday that he and his wife, Trinity Tomsic, are asking the U.S. Justice Department to investigate the July 29 raid.

    "Trinity was an innocent victim and random victim," Calvo said outside his two-story, red-brick house in this middle-class Washington suburb of about 3,000 people. "We were harmed by the very people who took an oath to protect us."

    Calvo insisted the couple's dogs were gentle creatures and said police apparently killed them "for sport," gunning down one of them as it was running away.

    "Our dogs were our children," said the 37-year-old Calvo. "They were the reason we bought this house because it had a big yard for them to run in."

    The mayor, who was changing his clothes when police burst in, also complained that he was handcuffed in his boxer shorts for about two hours along with his mother-in-law, and said the officers did not believe him when he told them he was the mayor. No charges were brought against Calvo or his wife, who came home in the middle of the raid.

    Prince George's County Police Chief Melvin High said Wednesday that Calvo and his family were "most likely ... innocent victims," but he would not rule out their involvement, and he defended the way the raid was conducted. He and other officials did not apologize for killing the dogs, saying the officers felt threatened.

    Police announced Wednesday they had arrested two men suspected in a plot to smuggle 417 pounds (189 kilograms) of marijuana, and seized a total of $3.6 million in pot. Investigators said the package that arrived on Calvo's porch had been sent from Los Angeles via FedEx, and they had been tracking it ever since it drew the attention of a drug-sniffing dog in Arizona.

    Police intercepted it in Maryland, and an undercover detective posing as a deliveryman took it to the Calvo home.

    Calvo's defenders — including the Berwyn Heights police chief, who said his department should have been alerted ahead of time — said police had no right to enter the home without knocking.

    But officials insisted they acted within the law, saying the operation was compromised when Calvo's mother-in-law saw officers approaching the house and screamed. That could have given someone time to grab a gun or destroy evidence, authorities said.

    Neighbors have rallied around the couple. On Sunday night, supporters gathered on a ballfield to pay tribute to the family and the dogs. A banner on the wooden fence around Calvo's yard read, "Cheye and Trinity, We support you, Friends and Citizens of Berwyn Heights." Around it were dozens of handwritten messages from supporters.

    In addition to being the part-time mayor, Calvo works at a nonprofit foundation that runs boarding schools. His wife is a state finance officer.

    The case is the latest embarrassment for Prince George's County law enforcement. A former police officer was sentenced in May to 45 years in prison for shooting two furniture deliverymen at his home last year, one of them fatally. He claimed that they attacked him. In June, a suspect jailed in the death of a police officer was found strangled in his cell.

    Calvo said he was astonished that police have not only failed to apologize, but declined to clear the couple's names.
  2. Treo

    Treo member

    Nov 30, 2007
    Co. Springs
    This is like the fith time in the last 24 hrs this has been posted....search is our friend

    And the obligatory
    I-B-T-L ,aaaagain
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