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Portland, OR gun show quickee

Discussion in 'General Gun Discussions' started by Run&Shoot, Jan 25, 2008.

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  1. Run&Shoot

    Run&Shoot Member

    Dec 27, 2005
    I just zipped into the Portland, OR gun show at the expo center this afternoon. I picked up a couple of DPMS AR15 lower receivers (with parts and carbine stock) for $260 each. Not a great price but it was convenient. $8 entry ($12 for two days) and $7 parking, Fri - Sunday.

    Some impressions after not having been to a show for a few years:

    - Quite a bit fewer tables than several years ago. There were a couple of large ammo table setups, a couple of large firearm dealer sections, several used firearm tables, and several miscellaneous knives, doodads, surplus items, scopes, etc. tables. And a few table sections with Class III dealers: full auto Colt M16 for about $7k and I think the full auto Thomspon M28 was about $16K.

    - Prices seemed to jumped about $50 - $100 from last summer. I was able to find only one S&W used revolver under $400! It was a decent model 65 4" for $350. I was pretty tempted as I like those but I was on a mission for AR receivers.

    - The least impacted by price increases that I noted were the Glocks (still about $495 new) and surprising the Kimbers. Again I was sorely tempted by the Kimber Pro Carry II for $690 new. But I was on a mission!

    - I had never looked at Saigas before but they were a heck of a deal at $220 for the 16" 7.62x39 compared to about $450 for most of the low end AKs (like the Romanian WASR-10).

    - Rifles were way off the charts it seemed. Did Remington start making their rifles out of platinum lately?

    - I did find a couple of decent looking M1 Garands for $800 - $895. Again, sorely tempted but...

    - If you look hard you could find some OK deals in the used tables and at least fair prices at one of the larger new gun dealers, but some of those guys think their old beaters are worth gold.

    - Did I mention that ammo prices suggested each round would be presented in its own wood case with velvet liner? Ouch! $200 will not buy 1,000 rounds of nothing anymore.

    - The AR stripped receiver prices I found:
    * LAR $160
    * DPMS $149 ($260 for lower with parts and carbine stock installed)
    * Bushmaster $181
    * Mega $135
    * Essential Arms $125

    It was fun to see all the stuff again. Lots of police and ATF who were all very friendly, unlike back in the Clinton years when they could get surly for no reason. Unfortunately there were about half as many tables as the last time I went to one here.
  2. kd7nqb

    kd7nqb Member

    May 1, 2006
    Puyallup Washington
    I have been to the last 3 Rose City gun shows and am skipping this one because it seems like nothing changes. The only reason I would go is if I had confirmation that somebody had a Springfield EMP for sale. I already called Keiths who has about 1/2 the new guns at the show and he said no luck.

    But thanks for the info.
  3. SASS#23149

    SASS#23149 Member

    Jan 1, 2003
    I go if I can find absolutely nothing else to do that day.Seen one,seen 'em all it seems like.
    Of course having gone for almost 20 years,wha'ts left to see.?
  4. Leif Runenritzer

    Leif Runenritzer Member

    Aug 27, 2006
    I'm going Sunday. I'm going to get some books for once, and ammo as always. I seldom buy guns at gun shows.
  5. bcp

    bcp Member

    Nov 23, 2006
    SW WA
    I haven't been since the one several years ago when the room was about 1/3 travel trailers and RV's.

    Saturday on Expo show days I usually see people in the local gun shops and the usual reaction when someone asks about the show is "Don't go" or "Not worth it."

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