POSP w/Laser????

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May 13, 2004
North of Boston
Looks kinda cool. I've never bothered with a laser on any of my guns but this might be the one. I'm thinking of mounting it on my Saiga .223 rifle (not hi-cap, no pistol grip, etc.) I KNOW the Saiga isn't a 300 yard sniper scope but that's OK.

I'd like feedback on the scope itself and any feelings about having the laser. It's nice that you can co-witness the irons with this. Also, I know the damn thing is heavy and I could just get a "normal" 3 or 4X scope to put on my AK Weaver mount but... Also, they make a 6X and 8X version but I will probablynever shoot beyond 300 yards.

Details below. http://www.nightvisionweb.com/posp_4x24_laser.htm

POSP 4x24 scopes with Laser Sight

POSP laser aiming system was built around POSP 4x24 series rifle scope with SAR, Vepr/Saiga mount and a 1000 series eye-safe class IIIa laser sight. The sole purpose of this system is to incorporate two optical sighting devices with two distinct purposes to achieve unprecedented versatility of the system as a whole. While the POSP scope helps aiming at longer ranges, the 1000 laser delivers quick and precise target acquisition at short ranges, where the scope is not useful. While the system is mounted on the weapon it does not interfere with iron sights which can function as a back up. Laser red dot can be observed through the scope as well as with a naked eye.
Scope comes with rubber eyepiece, front lens cover, rubber switch cover, LED, battery, cordura case and full 28 pages English manual / booklet.


I have the PSO-1 (4x24) scope on my ak. I am very pleased with it. High quality scope for cheap! It maintains its zero after several mounts/dismounts. The laser is of course an aftermarket item, and not russian I don't believe. I might mount my own laser on mine someday, it's just not on the top of my list. For close in work I have a cobra red dot sight.
Thanks Mondo. I wonder if I need the 6X instead. What's the "cutoff" in terms of distance? Would I need more than a 4X for under 200 yards?

Thanks again,
I have that exact setup on my SAR 2. The laser is indeed american made by a company called "BeamShot". The optical clarity and sight picture are well beyond what a traditional 24mm objective offers. The laser is bright, fine and easy to see. Added to this is the robustness of the overall unit. Its made in Belarus which while still a communist country has some of the HIGHEST quality control standards of any current eastern european bloc country. Ok, that was the good. Now for the bad.

On the front is a 'glint shade' which seems more or less useless as it dims the picture too much. But thats ok, because it retracts very securely. The reticle illuminator batteries seem to have a fairly short 'life of use' but it illuminates the hairs extremely well. Illumination is not necessary for normal daylight use. The laser, while bright and far reaching (100+meters easy) is NOT a precision tool. It crosses POI/POA at a diagonal but Ive gotten it within about 3" out to about 100 meters. Simple math dictates that it'll be about 3" high and 3" left at 200 meters but Ive never shot my SAR at that distance It is also a bit tricky to get zeroed but once on, its very solid.

Now for the absolute WORST aspect of the system. Eye relief. This thing is terrible in that department. Its almost like it was designed for a midget's LOP. Standing while looking through the scope is an exersize in yoga. Using the cheekweld for ironsights means your hunting for the circle of light (you know what I mean) so you need to put your head about 2 inches aft of where it normally would be. Crouching seems to be the best way to get a comfortable scope picture.

For the good and the bad, I'd say the good outweighs the bad. Its a nice robust scope. It turns my 'minute of target stand' SAR2 into a 3 or 4 MOA shooter. Im sure I could improve this with a decent trigger. Man that thing is terrible... But thats the subject of some future post. Maybe "Whats better than the Century trigger"?
I have a conventional 4x24 POSP and have to say it is a fantastic scope for the money. Very robust and holds zero when removed and replaced. You can get the reticle illumination battery at Radio Shack for $5 (get the lithium battery instead of the alkaline). Optical clarity is excellent; you certainly don't need any more than 4x for 200-yard shots. I REALLY like the chevron aiming system instead of traditional crosshairs, and the rangefinding reticle is neat. The extendable sunshield is handy when shooting in the rain (keeps the objective lens dry), and the rubber eyepiece shield also works well. Workmanship is excellent. The Cyrillic markings on the scope add greatly to the "cool factor" (UP, DOWN, LEFT, and RIGHT on the adjustment knobs, and ON and OFF on the reticle lighting switch, are all in Russian. Learn them well before trying to sight in the thing. BTW, the reticle illuminator is a replaceable LED, so it should be tough. (I've seen POSP-style scopes in photos of Russian soldiers/equipment, IIRC, and if the civilian scopes use the same design/tooling, I'm sure they're tough as nails.) Optics are top-notch, and I've shot mine in the rain with no ill effects.

Cons--it is fairly heavy and changes the balance of the rifle considerably, but this will be true of any AK scope, I would imagine. If you wear glasses, you have to force the eyepiece shield further onto the objective bell, or else you won't be able to get proper eye relief. (This isn't much of a problem, though, since the rubber is quite stretchy.) You can still use the irons with the scope mounted, but you can't look over the rear sight and use the front post for course aiming (CQB style) since the scope gets in your way.

I'm still trying to get mine sighted in "just so," and I may be ammo limited (I've tried some old Norinco lead-core and some Wolf; best group so far was 1.25" at 50 yards, but I haven't been able to get that consistently). Also, AK-style rifles are very tough to benchrest; the high ratio of reciprocating mass to receiver mass sets up some high-order rotational moments that make the gun jump off most anything you're resting it on, throwing the shots around, and I'm not a stellar offhand shot yet.

Appreciate the response! I am going to sell a Simmons scope I now own and put the money towards the POSP.

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