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Posted by a Pink Pistol, about DU...

Discussion in 'Legal' started by Strings, Oct 23, 2004.

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  1. Strings

    Strings Member

    Dec 25, 2002
    30 miles from Everywhere, right in the middle of N
    In a discussion about DU on the Pink Pistols mailing list, the following was posted. Thought those here might appreciate it. Mods feel free to move if it's in the wrong place...

    This is the same group who went through angst sturm and drang (no umlauts on my keyboard, grammarians) when faced with the fact that a government (not run by DU denizens or their ilk) *could* be tyrannical and that they would have to consider

    <insert stattaco violins per "Psycho">


    <fade down stattaco violins, add fast, panicked breathing>

    to defend themselves from the eeee-ville Dark Lord (and notary public) Karl
    Rove and his jack-booted orcish minions of darkness John Ashcroft and <insert names of other eeee-ville Republican minions>.

    "I'm so scared..."

    <silence except for panicked breathing>

    <cut to med CU of back door with doorknob turning back and forth, first
    slowly then faster and faster...*something* is trying to open the door...the doorknob stops and after a second there is the sound of breaking glass; shards of glass fall to the floor, and a hand ...or something that looks like a hand...but the hand...it...it's not *human*, the fingers are too long and the nails don't look right and the skin color is off... and the hand reaches for
    the deadbolt, and flicks the bolt open...and then the hand begins to
    withdraw...but stops, moves farther inside and begins a slow, inexorable move up the door jamb until the impossibly long fingers find the light switch...*flick*...darkness because your eyes haven't adjusted...and then the doorknob again, and this time the doorknob rattle is followed by the creak of the hinges as the door opens...and then the sharp distinct snap as glass shards are broken by heavy footfalls...and as your eyes adjust to the darkness you see a figure in a Dark Lord cloak approach the corner where you are...and the only thing you see are the two red embers that are the eyes...and that *stench*...the eeee-ville Republican stench that is a combination of Halliburton oil, Viagra and spotted owl...

    and for a brief moment you think back to the Previous Administration...all
    cuddles and warm and fuzzy...when the idea of gun control was so *progressive*, so *civilized* so *European*...and so you marched in DU lockstep, eyes on the horizon, the wind whipping your hair...the waiting periods, the background checks, the *need* to have a firearm on the forms in black and white and approved--or not-- from some unaccountable bureaucrat....

    now it's too late, and all you hear is your heart and your breathing and the
    dark shape lurches toward you...

    no way to defend yourself...

    it's too late...

    too late...

    it's too late now...and there's no way you can stop the cold, clammy unhuman fingers as The Ultimate Dark Lord Karl Rove rips your soul from your living body...


    But then your scream wakes you, and it's all sweetness and light. Karl Rove
    doesn't have your soul...yet.

    And any scared DU persona can go out and get a firearm

    And there aren't waiting periods and background checks and
    government approval....

    oh wait...

    that's not a dream. It's *real*

    Look outside DU...do you see the shadows lengthening...and...
    was there a noise at the back door? Is there time DU?

    Is there time?>
  2. JPL

    JPL Member

    Apr 3, 2004
    The phrase "psychotic break" comes to mind... :)
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