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Discussion in 'Blackpowder' started by DingoDoug, May 15, 2019 at 11:37 PM.

  1. DingoDoug

    DingoDoug Member

    Jun 25, 2017
    Hello all ,
    Just a general question for you all ,when your walking around in wet weather hunting or on a hike what are you all doing to keep your powder dry besides the obvious ie: keeping your revolver covered . I have read some are using wax on the caps What's your thoughts on this?
  2. Jackrabbit1957

    Jackrabbit1957 Member

    Apr 6, 2018
    Don't hunt in the rain with black powder guns.

    LRDGCO Member

    Jul 11, 2018
    Flap holster.
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  4. TheOutlawKid

    TheOutlawKid Member

    May 31, 2018
    Mr. Dingodoug there are people who have used wax to help seal their caps to the nipple...but i just use the proper nipple and cap combo that keeps it very tight and practically moisture proof...i use slixshots nipples with Remington #10 or #11 caps and paired together make for one tight seal. Also i dont really worry about sealing the bullet end...which u can...but shaving or swaging lead in the chamber is seal enough in my opinion...so long that you know ur chambers are percectly round. I do mainly shoot conicals and they have large lube grooves which helps seal ...but when i use round ball i use a very thin lube coin/pill/wafer (they go by many names) between ball and powder. I usually use gatofeo #1 lube thats been made stiffer by adding equal amounts of beeswax, but lately ive been favoring a stiff mix of 1 to 6 ratio of mutton tallow to beeswax...i make thin lube "coins" that are maybe 1/32 of an inch thick by pouring the melted lube mix onto a sheet of napkin and let it obsorb. Once dry i punch out the thin wafers....then put them between powder and bullet/ball in my paper cartridges. But to answer ur question...the powder stays dry pretty safely so long as u have the nipple tighly capped and the chamber shaving/swaging lead and using a lube of ur choice...u can seal the percusion cap if you like and i even have a friend who rubs a thin film of his stiff bullet lube onto his nipples so when he caps them there is a seal around the edge of the cap. He says it helped his powder stay dry after his holstered gun got drenched when he fell into waist deep water while hunting. he has also substituded the lube on his nipples with chapstick before and said it worked too. Hope this helps
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