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Practice to Switch From Striker to 1911

Discussion in 'Strategies, Tactics, and Training' started by luzyfuerza, Feb 28, 2022.

  1. 9mmepiphany

    9mmepiphany Moderator Staff Member

    Dec 27, 2002
    northern california
    When I first learned to operate the 1911, I was taught to disengage the thumb safety upon contact in the holster. That;s what I did until in got into LE and they taught us to disengage between position 3 and 4, on the pushout, with the shot breaking as you reached full extension…as it was advocated by Cooper at that time.

    I later took some CQB classes from an instructor who had been on the pointy end of the spear and he taught to release the thumb safety at position 3…letting the rotation of the gun from the vertical to the horizontal assist in pushing off the lever. Whenever the muzzle rotates up, the lever rotates down. For LE usage, the decision point to flip it back up is during the pushout
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  2. Roverguy

    Roverguy Member

    Jul 22, 2021
    I still remember my “times tables” with remarkable clarity though the location of car keys, glasses, and other sundry items placed by me in recent hours is a mystery.

    It’s about repetition. And pain. We sat at our desks and repeated the damned times tables over and over again while Sister Anne Cecilia, a former Nazi death camp guard of particularly vile bent, circulated with yard stick and slapped your hands with great vigor if you got it wrong.

    So, work on repetition of the manual of arms until it’s painful. I’d skip the sadistic nun if I were you, but, then, you may already be married…
  3. johnmcl

    johnmcl Member

    Apr 1, 2005
    Northern VA
    My approach to training for a 1911 and striker world is simply to engage in dry fire exercises under as many scenarios as I can think of. Straight presentation (Cooper protocol), around walls, weak hand, and so the list goes on. In fact, there's a third leg here, getting a Sig 229 into the rotation.

    Net result is that on the range, both for action pistol and static shooting, the transition from one platform to another is seamless for me. In short, dry fire is my solution. YMMV.

    On a historical note, when the Bureau transitioned to Glocks an ice age ago, the old time 1911 shooters always had the best scores. Go figure.
  4. Twisted Chemist

    Twisted Chemist Member

    Nov 23, 2021
    The nun, was it the Penguin?
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  5. Cayle

    Cayle Member

    Apr 4, 2022
    I teach to disengage the safety as the gun is being raised. Doing it at the holster is how these fools shoot themselves in the leg. I also teach to practice disengaging that safety with every weapon, even if it doesn't have one if you carry different guns. When I draw my revolver you will see my thumb run down the left side of the weapon as it comes up.
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