Pre Model 10 snub


Jun 8, 2016
My LGS has a nice S&W pre Model 10 2" 5 screw on the shelf marked $599. No box. It has some honest holster wear but doesn't look like it's been fired much. Locks up tight with very little lateral cylinder movement and little obvious cylinder end shake. Square butt diamond grips are in nice shape. He'll usually come down a little in my past purchases and his price includes tax & transfer. if I could get it for $575 OTD I think it's worth it but what's you thought about price?
It sounds like a decent deal to me, especially if the stocks number to the gun. The guns SN should be on the inside of one grip panel.
If you're getting a museum piece sure, but a shooter grade 2" model 10 is a $450 gun to me.
I was happy to get out the door for $400 for this round butt M&P from 1958, but that was a couple of years ago. You never pay too much, instead, you buy too early. :)
Put 50 rounds of 130gr FMJ Remington through the old girl followed 50 of my 158gr Xtreme FP over 4.3 grains HP-38 reloads & it functioned perfectly. The Magna grips felt awkward (as usual) so I cut the bottom off (even w/grip frame bottom) of a set of target style aftermarket factory seconds grips I had in "the box." The result was a much lighter feeling trigger pull with a more positive & comfortable grip. I'll use these for the next range trip and see how it goes.


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