PSA has CZ75D PCR on sale today only 7/13/23

ANR.....the guy that owns it is a big CZ guy, if that matters.
My go to holster is JM custom, but ANR gets a lot of love on CZ media platforms.

Personally, I'd buy the 17 rd mag. They barely extended past the grip.
I have 3 or 4 of the ACT mags, they are 100%
$499, I'm sorry I missed it. Though, PSA probably wouldn't have shipped it to me since they are strict with states with mag limits (here in MD I can have mags greater than 10 rounds, but I can't buy, sell or give them- the FFL can block the mags, and I can even unblock them when out of state, but I'm not sure PSA will even ship the gun without the mags). I love my PCR. I recently sold my P01 used for well over $499 (I like the PCR much better, it looks much better without the rail and I don't think I'll ever use the rail). While I didn't see the point of having both the PCR and P01, I could see having the PCR and a spare. Though, again, living in MD, I'm not sure PSA would have shipped it, even withholding the mags (I have plenty of 14 and 15 round PCR/P01/75 B Compact mags already and would happily take a new PCR without any mags at that price).
Comes out to $565 when adding in the FFL transfer plus all the taxes and fees.
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Now I need a holster for it. Should I go standard or light bearing?

I have light bearing holster that might work for it, so am going to hold off for now.

Also looking for at least 1 flush fit 16rd mag.

I'm kind of hoping it has the original standard steel front sight in the box. I have other guns with fiber optic front sights and just find them to be somewhat fragile.

Isn't that magazine for the full size models?
If PSA is depleted at $499, Grab-a-Gun is showing the 75 Compact in stock at $520 and the 75 D PCR at $530 right now. There are some good prices on certain CZ handguns at the moment. I'm a bargain hunter, and I paid $630 for my PCR several years ago.
Ran 4 mags through it just now. I'm impressed by the DA trigger pull and was easily able to hit my 10 inch gong repeatedly in DA out to 25yds, dropping the hammer each time. The single action pull is nice and crisp too. It's a big heavy gun and I don't think I will try concealing it.

CZ 75 SP-01 Tactical 2.jpg

I had a feeling my T-Rex Arms Ragnarok Flashlight holster would work for it and it did. These WML holsters size off the flashlight instead of the gun. This holster was made for a Glock 19 and a Surefire X300U-A light.
CZ 75 SP-01 Tactical 3.jpg

This holster sticks out a mile from my body and is not a CCW holster.

Learning my lesson, I didn't buy any accessories for it till I shot it. It shoots good. The dent on the left side slide serrations makes me wonder if the springs haven't already been replaced on it?

The original rear sight was in the box with the gun but no original front sight. Oh well the fiber optic front sight is nice and bright.
It also came with 2 mags.