Pyrodex 12 gauge loads

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Mar 9, 2005
Sorry if this is the wrong place - I looked in the handloading forum and didn't see any black powder stuff.

I would like to load some light 'cowboy' loads in my 12 gauge using Pyrodex 'P' (FFFG).

The load I have in mind is 55gr by volume, fiber wad, 7/8 oz shot, and roll crimped.

I have read people claiming that they routinely use much more FFFG than that with no problems. Others claim that FFFG is commonly used in cowboy loads, while some claim it is wildly dangerous.

what is the truth? Does this sound like a sane load?
For cowboy action, that load is more than enough.
I ended up with 12 pounds of pyrodex (mix of RS & P) a few years ago, and only used it for my shotshells.(Walmart close-out $5 per pound)
My load was 60 grains pyrodex by volume, a red winchester wad and 1 1/8 ounces of shot.

Your load will be just fine.

For CAS, you can use about any BP or sub.

I've used Lidu (Chinese fireworks powder), GOEX Fg, FFg, & FFFg, Grafs (Schutzen), Pyrodex, Triple 7.....

I know folks who load 3Fg Triple 7 in their shotshells--stout stuff (15% more powerful than black powder)
Remember these guns were made for smokeless powders -- high pressure stuff -- BP has a different pressure curve.

Anything that I find cheep at shoots, shows, close-outs, etc goes in the shotshells.
Everything works.

My recent cheep purchase was 8 pounds of old goex FFFg.
That's what I'm loading in my shotshells now.

My favorite is Fg, but..............

By the way, Goex recommends 92 grains FFFg & 1 1/4 ounces shot for a 2 3/4" shotshell

Ever been to Tom Bullock's page? Good source of info for BP shotshells.

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I have. This is what he says:

tbullock said:
The proper granulation is named 'ffg'. It is also called '2F'. Anything finer is dangerous because it burns too quick and the pressure climbs too high

That's is why I was worried about using 3F, and why I was confused when people said they were using it. In retrospect, perhaps he was referring to old BP cartridge guns?

Thanks for your help. I will load a few up and let you know how they shot. :)
Set my measure for 100 gr BP and use it to measure both shot and powder. Never actually put the shot on a scale. use 2fg or Fg (when I can find it) 12 gauge.
In my opinion, powder volumes greater than 55 are a waste in cowboy action shooting.

I have had friends shoot 70 grains and they get blown, doughnut shaped patterns with these higher charges. Used to piss 'em off terribly that my 12 gauge load of 3.1 cc of Pyrodex (about 48 grains equivalent), under 1 ounce of #8 shot would slap the knockdown flat, and their 70 grains under a 1 1/4 ounce shot charge would not!!

Whatever load you settle on, shoot it at paper and make sure you like the pattern.

By the way, if you are using a hammerless single triggered double, it is possible to go too light. Your load has to generate enough recoil to shift the connector from one barrel to the other after the first shot. Don't ask me how I know....
My Trooper,
The load you propose will fit perfectly into any Remington case using a white AA wad and a fold crimp. They pattern fine in my guns (no donuts) and are my main match loads for the IGA Coach Gun. I also use a heavy knockdown load of 80grs FFg+1 1/8oz #6 shot+ twice slit LBC-30 steel shot cup from Ballistics Products in a AA hull. It throws center dense modified choke patterns from my cylinder bored SXSs.
I use the same load for 16, 12, and 10 gauge. A 7/8 ounce Lee shot dipper of Pyrodex RS, overpowder card, fiber wad (two for the 10 gauge), 7/8 ounce dipper of shot, overshot card. Works pretty good in all three gauges. Doesn't kill the shooter, but takes care of any knockdowns.

I'd love to stuff the 10 gauge with some heavy loads, but it's an old gun, so I baby it carefully.
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