QD sling attachment question


May 21, 2009
El Paso, TX
I have my first qd attachments for my swing. Are they supposed to rotate 360 degrees? Mine do not, when inserted they do not rotate fully around. I would like to know if i need to return them. Thanks.
The “male” end of the attachment doesn’t rotate at all. Once inserted in the “female” half embedded in the stock the sling end will rotate freely around the ”female“ insert.

The freely rotating ends allow the sling to twist around itself. I like the QD system, but don’t like dealing with twisted slings. YMMV.
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There are a couple of different types. Some rotate the full 360° without a stop, which is generally annoying, and others rotate and lock at each 45° or 90° points. Or at least those are the two types Ive run into.

I prefer the ones that lock at the 45° points, as you get more adjustment options and the sling doesnt get all bound up.
trackskippy is right. It's one of those "it depends" situations. I was watching some videos on YouTube about the installation of the QD cup attachments for the Magpul Hunter X22 stock. In the video, he shows that the front swivel only rotated 45 degrees while the rear swiveled 360.