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Range Report: BCM 12.5"

Discussion in 'Rifle Country' started by MachIVshooter, Dec 9, 2012.

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  1. MachIVshooter

    MachIVshooter Member

    Aug 11, 2005
    Elbert County, CO
    I'm putting this in rifles because, well, that's what it'll be the instant my stamp comes back. For the time being it's living on a pistol lower, though.

    Anyway, I picked it up a week ago, and today was my first opportunity to give it a good breaking in.


    It is a BCM 12.5" medium contour 1:8 stainless NM barrel, BCM M16 BCG, UTG Pro 13" free float quad rail and Troy Claymore brake.

    First order of business was sighting in, which was a snap. The P223 scope was only 4" low and 1-1/2" right at 50 yards without even boresighting! I'm never that lucky!

    Anyway, it was having some issues, which I was starting to get cranky about until I tried this lot of Tula 55 gr. in my stone axe reliable Armalite M15A2C. While the Armalite wasn't having the failure to feed issues the BCM was, it would not lock back on empty using Pmag 20, Pmag 30 and Pro Mag 42 rounders, which definitely tells me the ammo is weak. Well, no wonder the 12.5" was having issues; With 2" less barrel after port than a 14.5" carbine or 16" middy, it's gonna be more sensitive to low powered rounds. My concerns were alleviated after running some of my handloads through the gun and having nary a failure.

    Moving on, this thing scores in the accuracy department. I forgot my stool, so I was having to stand over the table, supporting on my elbows. The gun was rested on bags, but it's still not the most stabile position. However, I wasn't really trying to wring every last bit of accuracy out of the gun using the Tula ammo and firing in fairly rapid succession. Still, it makes very respectable groups:


    This is at 50 yards, still a sight in target with 3 separate 3 shot groups, and the low shot being a loner that I adjusted windage and elevation after. I am confident that this upper can produce MOA 100 yard groups of 5 or more with higher quality ammo and me taking my time. I also need a calmer day; The range is West to East, and we had a nice 16 MPH SSW wind going on, which is why I didn't try to correct further right than the last group of 3. And yes, 1/2" low at 50 is exactly where it needs to be for a 100 yard zero with 55 gr. ammo.

    To summarize, I'm pleased with it. I look forward to my next range session with a greater quantity of my handloads or other higher quality ammo. And I am definitely anxious for that tax stamp to come back, as no doubt having a stock will help with stability.
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