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Range report: Ruger 10/22 vs Mossberg 702 Plinkster

Discussion in 'Rifle Country' started by gun guy, Aug 25, 2010.

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  1. gun guy

    gun guy Member

    Aug 2, 2010
    new mexico
    When last we left the shootout, the girls and their Pinkster were in the lead on features. Today we made an attempt to show the "Hello Kitty"
    crowd whos' da man :cool: .Three brands of ammo were selected: CCI stingers, Remington Thunderbolt, and Fiocchi 40gr CPSP. First was the chronograph tests:
    Ruger: 10 rounds each:
    The Ruger did hit the avertised 1,640 velocity, with one round at 1,641fps.
    High was 1,641 fps, low was 1,597 fps with an average velocity of 1,618 fps.
    Remington thunderbolt.
    high 1,144 fps low was 1,097 fps with an average velocity of 1,121 fps.
    Fiocchi most consistant
    high 1,237 fps low 1,220 with an average velocity of 1,228fps

    The 702 plinkster:
    Stinger: high 1,623 fps low 1,577 with an average of 1,599 fps
    Remington thunderbolt: High 1,153 fps low 1,124 fps with the average 1,136fps.
    Again the Fiocchi was the most consistant
    High 1,245 fps low 1,225 fps average 1,234 fps.
    As you can see velocities of both rifles are really close, but since Ruger did hit the top speed with the stinger round by 18 fps Ruger gets 1 point. An attempt by the girls to appeal the decision, sighting the other 2 brands were faster was denied, Judges decision is final, i'm the judge :neener: They further discussed the matter in committee :cuss: . The $7 tasco 4x scope did 0 at 25 meters with 6 rounds, even with wind gusts in the 20+knot range. The scope did in reality turn out to be to less than the best scope on the market, and was removed. The trigger pull and action on both rifles are nearly identical, perhaps a bit more creep in the Mossberg but both are adaquate for a .22lr Breaking at about 3 or 4 lbs. Both rifles feed well for the most part, thru about 200+ rounds. Both experienced the typical, weird, garden variety fire stoppages common with 22's, perhaps 3 or 4 each. At this point my daughter just wanted to shoot the bad guy target. With a few tweaks of the open sights she proceeded to pepper the target while listening to Lincoln Park on her IPod With ear protection ontop of earphones.
    It would appear designer firearms are here to stay, and can play hardball with their macho counterparts and even best them. The only other catagory is longevity. We do have a Winchester bolt action rifle about 1940's vintage that is still going strong. This is about my 3rd 10/22 about 4 or 5 years of heavy shooting and they are basically done. (barrel shot out, action worn out) how long the Mossberg will last, only time will tell.
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