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Range Report Update - HK USP Compact Tactical w/ Gemtech Blackside suppressor

Discussion in 'Handguns: Autoloaders' started by Thernlund, Jan 28, 2008.

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  1. Thernlund

    Thernlund Member

    Apr 12, 2007
    Phoenix, AZ

    I originally posted a detailed range report on this weapon which can be found here. I have since cleaned the pistol thoroughly and gone back to the range for some more fun. What follows is an update of the previous report. Unfortunately I have no updated pictures as my camera went missing from my range bag this session.

    During the initial test run the pistol was fired new right out of the box. It had minimal lubrication which consisted mostly of thick black grease. Hand-cycling the pistol produced a "metal-on-metal" screech. Not pleasant at all.

    I broke down the pistol and cleaned and lubed it from top to bottom with MPro7 CLP. My preferred CLP is usually Gunzilla, but I'm out. I still really like MPro7 and it worked well this go around. I cleaned out the black tar-like grease and went over the pistol with cotton swabs and a tooth brush. Once cleaning was complete the pistol hand-cycled very smoothly with minimal noise.

    Suppressed performance
    After having cleaned and thoroughly lubed the pistol, performance with the suppressor attached has improved greatly. In 50 rounds I experienced only one stovepipe. As well, on only one occasion did the pistol fail to lock the slide on the last shot.

    Overall, there was a very noticeable increase in reliability.

    Accuracy, for whatever reason, also improved. I had previously reported that the shots were consistently hitting low and right by 8" to 10". For some reason this time I was able to put together a 6" group at 15 yards right where I was aiming. I don't know if the cleaning has anything to do with this, or maybe it's just because I'm more used to the suppressor now. But I did see accuracy improve, whatever the reason.

    Suppression/noise reduction
    This go-around I decided to put some white lithium grease in the first baffle of the suppressor. Using a cotton swab I slowly dished an amount about the size of marble into the pistol end of the suppressor. Suppression was noticeable reduced from the previous test run when it was fired "dry". As I was wearing hearing protection I cannot report any sort of a comparison as I did before. I can only estimate that noise reduction was reduced by maybe 25%.

    The down side is that with the grease in the suppressor, smoke was greatly increased. Thick white smoke billowed from the muzzle after only two shots.

    Second impression
    I am much happier with performance this time than I was before. The pistol performed much better. Rounds still ejected weakly with the suppressor attached, but as mentioned, there was only one jam this time. I am now fairly certain that the use of +P ammunition would solve the reliability issue altogether.

    As well, I am happier with suppression than I was before. Even though the report was still there, noise reduction was noticeably reduced by using white lithium grease as an artificial environment.

    I am unable to adequately explain the accuracy improvement. I figure...

    A) It's due to the thorough cleaning. (??)
    B) I have become more familiar with it.
    C) I had a bad day last time.
    D) Some combination of one or more of the above.

    I dunno. But as I said, accuracy was better this time. :confused:

    Overall I am as pleased as ever with this pistol and suppressor. If you have the means, get one. Loads of fun, not to mention the sexy factor! Gotta have that! ;)

    Carry on.

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