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Reflections on Guns for newbies

Discussion in 'Handguns: Autoloaders' started by hurrakane212, Mar 13, 2006.

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  1. hurrakane212

    hurrakane212 Member

    Jan 20, 2006
    This is a post for all you n00bs/newbies out there who are interested in guns.
    I am by no means an expert but after countless hours reading and lurking in various forums I am going to attempt to consolidate some of the old timers wisdom. So here is some advice from better men than me.

    Well, it seems that I have read countless threads where grip angle comes up. Of course we all bash Glock's grip angle, laud the 1911, and so on and so forth. Now, for me, I like the 1911 grip angle. So what?

    Also there are countless threads about caliber. 9mm vs .45ACP, .40 vs 10mm, and hey, what about 357SIG? Which one of these would have stopped Arnie in the first Terminator movie?

    Revolvers vs Autoloaders, which is better? A gun that never jams or a gun that holds a gazillion bullets?

    Well it seems to me that guns are like cars. There are different models for different people with different budgets, tastes, and needs.
    I don't need a Ford F350 or a Dodge Ram with a Cummings (sp) Deisel engine because I am a college student who needs to conserve gas. A Dodge Neon SXT works just fine, even though I'd rather have an Acura TSX.
    I don't like the Mini Cooper or the Pontiac Aztec or the PT Cruiser.
    I don't like the fit or feel or look of them. They are surely wonderful and reliable cars that (to bastardize a gun cliche') "go vroom every time." I just don't like them.

    Different grip angles are for different hands just like different holsters are for different body types. Both Glockers and XDers need to come to terms with this... us 1911 people too.

    Different calibers are fun. If there was a "best" caliber well there would be no room for debate. Pick the one you enjoy shooting the most that is in a reasonable size. Cooper says "the biggest you can handle comfortably" I say the one you enjoy shooting the most because you'll practice with it more and become better with it. Also, 99.8 percent of what the avereage person does with their gun is SHOOT IT FOR FUN! So if ya gotta have just one, or just a few, make it one you ENJOY shooting.

    This applies to the revolver vs autoloader thing too. Which one do YOU like? shoot 'em all, buy both, have fun!

    Guns are fun. They are more than a tool, they are a hobby. That is why there aren't many pipe wrench forums. If you want to make your gun "Tacticool" have fun! I like to mod my car... If you want a bare bones gun that is a real shooter, enjoy that too.
    People often talk about not needing a beavertail grip saftey or a rail or lazer grips. Hell, you don't need a muffler or a spoiler or a K&N airfilter either... windshield wipers are optional if you get down to it. Electric windows? If Henry Ford ( John Moses Browing's cousin I heard...) had have intended it to have power windows he'd a put 'em there!

    There is NO perfect brand... even SIGs and Glocks break slides and have KBs.
    People will talk about problems and bad experiences FAR more than they will about good ones. I hated the experience I had with a Para Ordinance LDA 7.45. Others on this forum love 'em with a passion. Maybe mine was a lemon... People bash Kimbers and people love Kimbers, it tends to be subjective with all guns. Don't let one bad experience ruin you towards an entire brand.

    I like 1911's in .45acp.
    What you will like is something that niether I or anyone here can tell you.
    The best advice I ever got was "find a place that rents 'em or borrow a buddies and shoot 'em yourself."
    Yeah it's expensive... I spent nigh unto 200$ between two ranges renting guns and buying ammo. However, that's a small price to pay to know what I want, and it's cheaper than buying a 500-1000$ gun that I end up hating.

    The gun world can be a confusing place with different people telling you what you should buy based upon what THEY like.
    In the wonderful and diverse gun market, you really can "have it your way"
    9mm 1911? We can do that. A 357 autoloader? (sort of) We got that too! A revolver that shoots auto rounds? No problem! A beef patty on a garlic buttered bun with no mayo or lettuce?
    Darn, now I want a burger...

    I am sure that by now you get the point. The moral of the story is that guns are like cars and hamburgers... or maybe motorized burgers...
    Actually the most important thing is to buy a gun you like in a caliber you enjoy shooting that fits your budget with whatever add ons you like and to practice, practice, practice!~Nathan
  2. gudel

    gudel Member

    Mar 18, 2003
    United States
    My rule is buy the ones you like, all of them if necessary. You can always sell it if it doesn't meet your expectation. I did, now I only keep the best.
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