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Rem 870, Rifled Choke Range Trip

Discussion in 'Shotguns' started by frankt, Oct 3, 2006.

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  1. frankt

    frankt Member

    Jun 20, 2004
    Today I took my Remington 870 to the outdoor range to sight it in with a scope and rifled choke tube. It has a cantilever scope mount and I used a Bushnell 1.5 X 4 EER scope.

    I used 2 3/4, 1 OZ HP Federal Powershock Rifled Slug that I had found this gun shot best with when I sighted it last year with a Red Dot sight.

    Surprisingly the new scope was on paper at fifty yards right off the bat. A few small adjustments and I was able to have the big holes touching. I shot off a bench but supported the shotgun with my arms instead of using a rest.

    At 100 yards I was able to shoot 3" groups after a little scope adjustments. I sighted it dead on at 100 which puts the slugs about 2" high at fifty which should work well for me in the deer woods. The scope has a "Circle Dot" and was probably not the best choice for the 100 yard target but where I hunt I never get a shot that far so I was happy.

    The recoil was a push but was not a slam to the shoulder and I ended up shooting 20 rounds just having fun.

    A couple of other shooters were amazed at the giant holes those slugs put in the target.
    I wish I had brought a different Mod or IC choke with me to see if they would have shot any different than the rifled tube.

    All in all it was a nice morning to be shooting.
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