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Remington 760 10 rd clip

Discussion in 'Shooting Gear and Storage' started by BeLikeTrey, Nov 21, 2003.

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  1. BeLikeTrey

    BeLikeTrey Guest

    Has anyone had any experience with these after market high cap mags for Remington? I think they are made by Eagle. Saw them at a gunshow and I was kinda leery of them being that clear plastic material. If anyone has input jump on in.
  2. BeLikeTrey

    BeLikeTrey Guest

    ordered them today, guess I'll let you guys know

    Here is what I could find on these mags, some of you may have mags by these guys for a different gun.
    No-jam design Constant force spring feed; Easy loading. See-thru feature allows easy shell count. Impact resistant polymer construction.

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  3. BeLikeTrey

    BeLikeTrey Guest

    I guess I'll keep myself company in this thread...;)

    I recieved the magazines monday and have been playing with them a little. A couple of things that I noticed are as follows: 1) the shells seemed to keep sticking as one was extracted and the next shell tried to move up into top of mag. I resolved this with a file and 20 minutes of my time. 2) the magazine seemed too big to fit at first. this to was resolved with a little touch-filing. these problems seem related to molding process and the "extra stuff" that wasn't cut away after molding process.
    I functioned the action and the gun seems to empty the mag just fine. The next test will be to give it the firing range tests and see if it holds up. Then I may trust it hog hunting ;)
  4. Johnny Guest

    Johnny Guest Moderator Emeritus

    Dec 20, 2002
    North Texas
    interesting you should post this - - -

    - - - BeLikeTrey .

    The topic of high capacity mags for non-military-type rifles surfaces occasionally. Therefore, it was of mild interest to me when I saw an ad for the Eagle 10 round mags in my CDNN catalog which arrived while I was on vacation. In their volume 2003-5, the ad is on page 100. Ad says what your post said, plus, they work in models 740, 742, 760, 7400, 7600, 4, 6, 74, and 76 long actions. Two styles offered: # EAG1001LG, for .30-06, .270, and .280 Remington. #EAG3080, for .308 and .243.

    Which rifle do you have, and in what caliber?

    CDNN price is $9.99, your choice. From what company did you order, and what was their price?

    CDNN is in Abilene, Texas, phone 800-588-9500, net - -
    They don't show the firearms on the web page. Worth a call to get on the catalog mailing list. Bunch of goodies, low-to-reasonable prices, and excellent, very rapid, service.

    Eagle also offers similar-construction 10-rd mags for Ruger 10-22, Mini-14, and Mini-30.

    Let us know how your Eagle mags work at the range, please.

  5. BeLikeTrey

    BeLikeTrey Guest

    To keep this short and sweet...
    Your price is spot - on. That's what I paid. Worth it, in my opinion. I have the Rem. 760 Gamemaster in 30-06.
    The clips will need a lil dremel smoothing and shaving to feed right and to fit into mag well properly.
    Range test is just fine as well. Stood up to full capacity with no FTF's. All four mag's did need shaving etc. They seem to be sturdy with the only worry being wear and tear on the places for the mag catch. 10.00$ isn't much to replace 'em though. I think I am going to trust them Piggie hunting this year. Can't have too much power with those big beasties.
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