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Report Ohio shoot 6/18

Discussion in 'Rallying Point and Range Discussions' started by 3 gun, Jun 20, 2005.

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  1. 3 gun

    3 gun Member

    Dec 24, 2002
    N 041 24.000 W 081 43.000 N.E.Ohio
    It was a great day for a shoot. Lots of steel and a good lunch. A quick recap of the day with pics. Hope to see more new shooters at the next one.

    Stage1 was a 26 round stage shot from 3 spots about 30" from each target group. You can see the barrel marker for the center group in the pic. All the plates were falling except the 3 on the far right, they took 2 hit each to be "cleared".

    Stage2 was a 24 rounds stage shot from a single point. Only the plates in the center fell, all the others took 2 hits to be "cleared".

    Stage3 was a 24 round stage shot from 2 spots, with the movement being left to right. All the plate but the far left were falling, those on the far left took 2 hits to clear. Only the plates on the far right could be shot from the first shooting spot.

    Stage4 was another 24 rd stage fired from a single place. You could start on a diamond plate on either end with 2 shots, knock down the falling plates between them and end with 2 shots on the remaining diamond plate.

    Stage5 was a 25 rd stage shot from a single point. Starting with 2 hits on the target at either end you had to put 2 to the bodies then go back a "knock off" the head of each before ending with 2 to the body of the remaining end target.

    Stage6 was a 22rd stage with movement forward. Starting a the first point you had to knock off the first pins on the left and right. You could then move forward to the line in the pic to finish off the rest of the pins in any order.

    Stage7 was a 26rd stage with movement left to right. All the plates were falling plates here.

    You needed just over 170rds to shoot the stages clean. With the mix of sizes and falling and non falling plates, simple layouts in pictures end up being a much harder test of skill than you would think.
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