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Republican fund raising

Discussion in 'Legal' started by campergeek, Jan 5, 2004.

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  1. campergeek

    campergeek Member

    May 3, 2003
    Eastern Missouri
    Lately I've been getting an increasing number of fund-raising calls from the RNC or other organizations supporting Pres. Bush's campaign, which has given me ample opportunity to vent. Here's my typical tactic, which is open to criticism (let me get my flame suit on). Feel free to steal and use as your own, modifying as you see fit.

    Once the caller gets through their initial appeal, I'll respond by saying that President Bush has said that he will sign a renewal of the AWB into law. I'll let the caller know that I feel that this is a terrible piece of legislation and that I will not contribute to President Bush's campaign unless he takes back that pledge. (I also sent an e-mail to the RNC website pledging a contribution if he does so.)

    Then they counter with their canned response, to which I'll respond that I'm uncomfortable with the direction that our government is taking under the restrictions on constitutional freedoms within the patriot act. I usually say that I may be able to trust the Bush administration with some of the powers given to federal authorities, but can I trust future administrations? My closer is usually that I cannot, in good conscience, contribute to any president who so freely robs me of my liberties in the name of safety.

    Then I hang up.

    Now, between you, me and the other hundred people who read this, any contribution I personally make or withhold is really not significant. In addition, in each individual case I don't have much optimisim that my statements will go much farther than the short-term memory of the fund-raiser to be forgotten before they go on to the next auto-dialed number. However, I have this little fantasy that perhaps they have some online entry field in which they provide a note as to WHY the called individual is not contributing, and maybe somebody is monitoring these entries for the purpose of improving their success rate, AND maybe I'm not the only one saying these things, so those monitoring will start to notice a trend. In my wildest fantasy, there is enough of a trend that word will get back to Bush's handlers that perhaps he isn't scoring enough points with the 2A crowd, this is costing his campaign money and could cost him the election.

    Of course, if there's to be any truth to my fantasy, then I can't be the only voice speaking out. Is anyone else following similar tactics?
  2. ARperson

    ARperson Member

    Sep 23, 2003
    Indy, Indiana
    Like you, I seriously doubt that the people making the phone calls have the President's ear and can effectively relay your gripes to him. Oh, sure the occassional complaint might make it up to the top. But it is my opinion that a) there is no SOP for relaying donor grips to those who are in a position to use it and b) only general info regarding reasons for not donating are given, i.e., unhappy with Prez's stance on......... or can't afford to give at this time. Beyond that, if that, it's unlikely to make much of a difference.

    The emailing and letter writing are probably better efforts.
  3. NorthernExtreme

    NorthernExtreme Member

    Dec 4, 2003
    I tell them I use to contribute to the Bush campaign when I felt he was a Good and Moral man.

    Now that he has given us the Campaign Finance Reform bill (an admitted violation of the 1st amendment), a Prescription drug plan (a huge violation of federal powers and Socialized medicine), Huge spending to the (unconstitutional) NEA, No enforcement of our borders (sacrificing security and law for votes), Promised support to renew the AWB (unconstitutional and illegal), The Patriot act (unconstitutional and illegal), The establishment of the DHD (no constitutional mandate), and no repeal of a single unconstitutional law that was already on the book, I have come to realize he is nothing more than a politician. Then I tell them that Politicians steel plenty of money from me already, so I only have enough left for Good, Moral, Honest people.

    I then ask for a phone number so I can call and contribute if he decides to be a good and moral man again. The line is usually quiet for a while, then they say, "Thanks for your time..." and hang up.

    I think it's funny how they want my money, but don't think they have to do something to deserve it.
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