Rifle Ranges Around Charlotte That Are Affordable And Not Restrictive

Discussion in 'Rallying Point and Range Discussions' started by Evergreen, May 24, 2017.

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    I was just wondering if there is any ranges in North Carolina that don't have all types of weird requirements. Being from the Northwest we do have a few ranges with rules like No Draw and SHoot, but some of the ranges I am seeing in the Charlotte area are just a little above the top for somebody like me. I was looking at Charlotte Rifle and Pistol Club and they make you go through some type of certification program , where they not only expect you to have decent marksman skills, but to know how to field strip every rifle you have. I'm not saying these are not good skills to have, but I jut hate so many rules. As long as you are being safe, the constant nanny mentality these ranges have just makes me a bit infuriated. I have nothing against gun safety, orientation, etc, but to demand you prove your efficiency with shooting and field stripping everything down to components just seems over the top. You have to certify each rifle you use and have the serial number, make and model and are not allowed to use any other rifle except the one certified. Each additional rifle requires more certification.

    This is the website of this range right outside of Charlotte. In addition to all their crappy rules, nanny and anti-2A mentality that I don't respect, they have exorbitant fees . They make you pay $500 plus yearly fees to join. Even the ranges in Seattle don't charge that much.

    Being from the Northwest I have never seen this type of strict and stringent requirements. I can see that North Carolina has significantly more tight gun control than what I am use to and the ranges seem to be operated in a manner that doesn't seem very 2A friendly, where every member is almost treated like they are criminal or too dangerous. As long as I am being safe, courteous and following rules (reasonable ones, like cold/hot range, red lines, range flags, muzzle pointed downrange, etc) I don't see why they cannot just leave me alone and let me shoot. Normally, I like to draw-shoot my pistol, but I understand some ranges don't allow it. But, forcing you to register each rifle you use and prove to range master that you already mastered each rifle is just ludicrous and annoying.

    I respect every range has their rules and can do whatever they want, but I rather join a range where I am not constantly nannied, watched over, restricted, controlled ,limited and regulated. I guess living in the Northwest, where going through a safety and rule orientation was the only requirements for joining a range this is going to be a new mindset that will take getting use to.

    Is there any range in Charlotte area or anything within an hour of driving where the fees are reasonable, they don't have endless amounts of strange rules and requirements for you to join or shoot your guns, etc? I am looking for place I can do pistol and rifle shooting up to 300 yards. My skills have been rusty since I haven't had much time or money to do any shooting. Sadly, with the the mentality of some of the ranges I see I may not be doing any shooting while living in the Charlotte area.
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    Old thread, found it on a search looking for charlotte rifle range.

    I've found this which I haven't visited yet but plan to. Figured I'd post it in case anyone else did a similar search and finds this thread.

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