Riley Defense AKs.

Jul 9, 2009
Luling Texas
I recently bought a Riley Defense AK just cause. It's a good shooter but even if I keep it oiled, the receiver keeps rusting up. What do yall think of Riley Defense?
Never heard of em.

It sounds like the steel is either very poor quality or you live in a sauna. You could try wax in lieu of oil/grease- or just go the spray paint route.

I use MSi silicone spray on my Norinco AKs and they haven't noticably rusted since the day I bought them. Its slimy, but it works- just wipe off before a shooting session, reapply afterwards.
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Sell it and get an ak that is imported, or at least built from a import kit.

Riley ak's are known for bad quality, i.e junk. They have misleading advertising about their build quality. They do not use true forged trunnions or chf cl barrels. They lose headspace pretty fast, a quick search on reddit or any ak forum will yield results of people with all sorts of problems with them. I don't think one of them has ever survived a 5k test from rob ski and the current ak buyers guide lists them as do not buy/stay away from. There are several videos of them exploding due to headspacing issues.
I don't know the round counts used at certain points where he describes problems. He often - in stages, to avoid overheating and while checking headspace - reaches 3,500 rounds in many of his guns.
With low grades of commercial steel he has seen premature wear on lugs, shoulders, even carrier tails. It depends of course on which brand he tests.

Riley Defense AK47 - Broken Hope... - YouTube This was several years ago;). This is linked in case anybody is interested.

For what it might be worth, only a few years ago he tested a (then) new WASR up to 5,000 rounds with very good results.
No premature lug, shoulder, carrier 'tail' wear nor any headspace issues.

It really pays to first spend hours reading about a new gun type- and only from "non-commer$ial" reviewers.

I never buy a gun simply because it is attractive and "US-made". Appearances mean nothing but are seductive- the Lorelei's enchanting song as you drift toward the rocks.

Rob's huge viewership and problems with the AKM produced by Interordnance was a major factor leading to IO's Shutting Down of their AKM production.
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