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Rubber grips for a Colt Police Positive Special....

Discussion in 'Handguns: Revolvers' started by woad_yurt, Feb 6, 2011.

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  1. woad_yurt

    woad_yurt Member

    Aug 23, 2007
    36° 31' 47.1742" X -87° 21' 34.0301"
    I recently bought a relatively unused, old (1922) Colt that was finish-challenged. Something got on it sometime way back when and it messed up the bluing, especially on the barrel. I don't mind because the price was right and because I like to shoot my .38s like crazy. I love S&Ws but thought it was high time I checked out their competition. Anyway, this gun is mechanically A+.

    However, the skinny original grips left a lot to be desired. I went to find something aftermarket but found out that no one makes a rubber grip for the gun. I was sitting around one day and, out of curiosity, tried some Pachmayrs made for S&Ws. I discovered that the N-frame grips fit well. They don't cover a bit of the hollow in the grip frame and there's a little gap at the very top of the backstrap but the things feel great in hand! Seeing as I wanted a shooter and a general knockaround gun, I'm delighted. If looks don't matter, N-frame Pachmayr will work on this type of Colt. I think I'll put a piece of electrical tape over the grip frame opening as a finishing touch.

    Note: I took this gun to the range yesterday and it is one fantastic shooter! One thing I like is that it weighs quite a bit less than a K-frame. I see why cops liked them; they're really light. I'm a Colt fan now, too, I guess.


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