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S&W SIGMA SW9VE 9mm > Review & Range Report

Discussion in 'Handguns: Autoloaders' started by SA, Mar 31, 2011.

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  1. SA

    SA Member

    May 30, 2010
    S&W SIGMA SW9VE 9mm > Review & Range Report

    Few days back I got the opportunity to review and test a new Smith & Wesson Sigma SW9VE 9mm.

    The Sigma is in all fairness a Glock Clone. A clone which led to the two companies entering into a legal battle which went on for three years with S&W finally agreeing to a multimillion dollar settlement and a slight modification to the Sigma Series Pistols. Glock sued S&W in early 1994. claiming "tortious acts, including without limitations, patent infringement, federal unfair competition, common unfair competition and deceptive trade practices." Glock also sent an ultimatum to its dealers, giving them 15 days to decide between the Glock or the Sigma. "If your decision is to continue to distribute Smith & Wesson products, your contractual relationship with Glock Inc. will be terminated," read the message. In the end, Smith and Wesson agreed to "remove the surface located below the sear in the Sigma Series Pistols, which Glock contended is a positive guide means, and Glock has agreed that such a modification would resolve the patent infringement claim."

    The early Sigmas had a few problems when introduced several years ago, but Smith & Wesson has tried to address those problems, and the new Sigma seems a better pistol than those earlier guns.




    It comes with two magazines, a lockable hard plastic case, instruction manual, a cable lock, and Smith & Wesson’s lifetime warranty, which ofcourse is :naughty: for us here in Pk.

    Upon opening the familiar blue plastic case, one can see that the new Sigma comes supplied with two fifteen-round magazines. The magazine bodies are also made of stainless steel, for many years of durability.


    Being a Glock clone that it is, I will be covering the Sigma just like that..... as a Glock clone and comparing it with the Original thing.



    The action on the S&W is very much like the Glock. Both are striker fired, and must be reset by the slide after each pull of the trigger. Both guns are built on the modified Browning short recoil system, in which the slide and barrel are locked together upon firing briefly, and are unlocked by the rear of the barrel tilting downward, releasing the slide to travel rearward, ejecting the empty case, and returning into battery under the power of the recoil spring, chambering a round from the magazine in the process.






    Both the Smith and the Glock wear no external safety levers, except for the safety integrated into the trigger itself, which must be deliberately pulled to fire the weapon. Both pistols have internal firing pin blocks, to prevent firing unless the trigger is held rearward.


    Both guns use a double stack magazine which, depending upon the exact model, carries between fifteen and seventeen rounds of 9mm Luger ammunition.


    Both guns have a plastic frame, with a slide that is removed by pressing downward on two catches on either side of the frame, just above the trigger guard.



    Both guns have three dot sights as standard equipment. If you are familiar with the Glock in this area, the Sigma will feel right at home.

    Noticeable differences include the magazines. Glock uses a plastic mag body, while the S&W uses a stainless body. Also, the magazine catch, which locks the magazine into the frame, is steel on the Smith and plastic on the Glock. The trigger safety differs a bit on the two weapons, and there are subtle but important differences in the grip area of the pistols. The S&W seems more ergonomic. The closest member of the Glock family to the Smith & Wesson is their model 19.

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