SA 1911 plunger tube came loose today

Discussion in 'Gunsmithing and Repairs' started by ArizonaTRex, Jul 1, 2009.

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  1. 1911Tuner

    1911Tuner Moderator Emeritus

    May 22, 2003
    Lexington,North Carolina...or thereabouts
    Foul Moods

    Chuck...I'm so 'nuff sorry about your foul mood, but you can't put me in one.
    You came onto this thread to pick a fight...and you just know that Ah'm yuh Huckleberry. ;)

    For those who came in late, and don't understand what this is about...I'll outline a few differences between the high end smiths like Mr. Rogers and myself.

    1. Chuck Rogers is a world-class pistolsmith. I'm a mechanic.

    2. He builds expensive, high-end 1911 pistols. I do mostly simple repairs for guys whose pistols are having a little trouble adjusting to their never-intended roles as actual shooters...pressed into service by people who actually expect them to work out of the box. I know. It's a strange thing to expect from a 450-dollar pistol...but there it is.

    3. For every guy or gal who can afford the services of a smith of his class, there are 50 who either can't afford it...or can't justify it. These people buy the Springfield or Rock Island mil-spec pistols because they want to shoot a little, and maybe carry the guns if they're reliable enough. So...I try to help these po' boys who just invested a week's pay...or more...for a knock-around pistol with issues.
    People who...after they discover that a trip to a "real" gunsmith is gonna cost about half of what they gave for the gun...become a bit concerned. Too honest to pass it off onto somebody else...they're stuck with a dog that won't hunt.

    4. I don't have enough small parts on hand to build 25 most of the time, I have to work with what I have...which often means that I have to restake an existing plunger tube. :eek: It will probably last the owner's lifetime, because most of these folks won't shoot the guns more than 500 times a year...and in the course of those 500's doubtful if they'll engage the thumb safety more than 8 or 10 times. I do advise them that restaking won't likely last forever, especially if they do a lot of on/off cycles with the safety...and that they may want to order one from Brownells so that when it comes loose again...we can install a new one and be done with it. Meantime, they have a functional pistol.

    Now, my question is:

    Why do you seem to have such a problem with that?
  2. alan

    alan Member

    Dec 24, 2002
    sowest pa.
    The plunger tube came off my Kimber Classic Custom Target, when it was fairly new, though out of warranty. Kimber provided a new aassembly, and I had it installed locally.

    That was the first and only time I ever saw/heard of such a problem, however "stuff happens"..
  3. ArizonaTRex

    ArizonaTRex Member

    Jun 17, 2007
    Tucson, AZ
    I am willing to pay what I feel is a reasonable fee, especially on something I am am unfamilar with. Every business has a per hour fee they need to get. Prices vary across the country, and even by city. And money is tight right now...:(

    If I took the time and got the books I would have no problem doing the work myself. I still have my first car manual, to fix my 66 dodge! Cars and motors I know, and this is the first gun that has ever broken on me in 40 years. Sure I could figure it out-but I like the shop and the smith, he needs the work.

    Now I just came from the shop, parts on the way, and yes we spent 20 minutes jawing about it (again). He was willing and had the time-it was after quitting time but he spent the effort to be nice to a customer.

    If he had quoted a much higher price I would have balked and probally spent way more buying books (just one book is never enough) and the tool(s) if needed! :D

    I mean geez I work at a business that has a mill, a lathe, drill press, grinders, hydraulic press, arbor presses and three roll around tool chests (and on and on)-and we aren't even a repair shop! :rolleyes:

    And if we wanna argue and get cranky- my '66 mustang with a 351W was faster, but my '68 Camero w/350 was more comfortable to drive and my '66 Coronet was slowest-but had A/C :D

    notice a theme? partial to the decade-not the platform!

    Flame On!
    And the 1911 just shoots better for me than my glock!
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