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SA MC Operator Range Report, yes it runs.

Discussion in 'Handguns: Autoloaders' started by possum, Jul 17, 2008.

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  1. possum

    possum Member

    Oct 12, 2005
    Concord, N.C.
    Today was the first time that i have been to the range since i returned from the sandbox. and what a sweet day that it was. i of course had to take my 1911, a SA MC Operator that i bought on rxr leave and barely had a chance to get to know. here was the previous post on it with pics so far there are no new ones yet.


    i wanted to see if the gun would run hard and hot without any issues. and that is exactly what i did. Prior to today it had 150rds through it. Today i took a newer shooter with me to show them the ropes as well as have a partner to run 600 rds through the green machine.

    Ammo used
    UMC (green and white) box,230gr fmj 200rds
    Wolf 230gr fmj 350rds
    Winchester SXZ 230 Jhp 50rds

    there were no ammo related issues at all. they all ran smooth and shot well. The winchester jhps, shot very nice, recoil was equal to that of the other ammo used. which isn't even worth stating. but that is what 43 oz will do for you. they were the most accurate of the bunch and they were super controllable during hammers, pairs, etc. very impressed with the Winchester sxz and will be using more of them in the future. Total ammo consumed 600rds. total rds down the pipe is now 750rds. totally reliable and i am lovin it.

    I used factory sa mags, 6 each 7rd mags, and 4 ea 10rd mags. All the 7rd and 3 of the 10 rd mags ran great, i had an issue with one of the 10rd mags, and discontinued using it, i knew that it was the cause of the issues. which there were few before we figured it was that magazine and we soon stopped using it. see why i mark my mags?!:)

    Targets Used
    ipsc/ uspsa targets
    75 meter m16a1 75 meter zero targets
    paper plates
    Drills Covered
    My intentions was to get the gun hot and see if it would fail me, and it never did. no matter what drills, speeds we shot at it kept trucking right along and it never missed a beat, it got hot but it was right on the whole time.

    weak hand/ strong hand
    kneeling and Monica
    shooting behind cover
    modes of fire
    pairs, hammers, fts's
    low light tech.
    neck index, weapon mounted, and syringe
    emergency reloads
    tac reloads
    shooting on the move,
    forward, and backwards, and combined
    retention positions
    guarded, regular, and touching
    offhand shooting
    point shooting
    cognitive shooting

    Fit and Finish
    Even after all that you would think that there would start to be some signs of wear and tear on the gun but there isn't it is still 100% even inside the slide, where all the metal on metal is.

    Trigger, and Sights
    sights still track great, i love three dots, and the trigger is nice and smooth as before. i am very happy with it.

    To say the least the gun was filthy after we got done shooting, but that was to be expected, with the ammo that we shot and the amount of rds that we shot of it, there were chunks of powder in there, but the gun never had a hitch, it is gonna be a fun one to clean.

    I lubed the 1911, with Wilson combat, grease that they have that comes in a easy to use and convenient syringe, it is easy to apply and a little goes a long way. it is great stuff, i got it from brownells, i also used it on my xd today and so far it is good to go stuff and i will be using it more. i prefer grease type lube to oil any day, and with the applicator syringe the Wilson combat stuff is easy to apply and user friendly and there is no mess. and there is no smell which the wife really likes!

    What a day at the range and what a gun. i love that 1911 even more now and i can't wait to put more rds through it, 550rds today for a total of 700rds to date, and it ran great on grease, factory mags, and shot smooth, reliable, and accurate all day long.
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