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    Mar 23, 2006
    Ran across a photo I took a few years ago, a plate to anchor a small safe. Thought I'd post it.


    I wanted a second, smaller safe in my upstairs home office. Two men carried it up and I figured two men could carry it down.

    It's an obvious solution when studs beneath the safe are not lining up with the holes in the bottom of the safe. I'm sure many have done something similar. Just wanted to add my experiment to the knowledge set.

    I had a local metal shop cut a 1/4" steel plate to the same width and depth of the bottom of the safe. Used a wire wheel in a drill and steel wool to clean rust off the plate. Followed up with degreasing and cleaning before applying "Rust-Oleum".

    In addition to the 3/8" holes for the four bolts, I drilled 24 holes for wood screws. Also drilled two more holes for toggle bolts that would go through the plate and under the floor.

    Hardest for me was squaring the holes for the four corner bolts. Each bolt has an integrated nut that I wanted the square holes to fit. Without machinist tools, I used files. But, things worked out perfectly.

    Drove all the wood screws in with a drill to secure the plate to the closet floor after tightening the toggle bolts.

    After removing the safe's door, I used a dolly to position the safe over the bolts, aligned them and eased down the safe. Added two, wide washers per bolt inside the safe, finally, placed locking nuts on each bolt.

    This lessened that one concern, the ease by which two people could carry the safe out of the house if it wasn't achored. Now, they will have to work a bit harder.
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