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Savage FTR in 308 win

Discussion in 'Rifle Country' started by bigkid, Jun 14, 2008.

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  1. bigkid

    bigkid Member

    Oct 22, 2007
    I have just purchased a new savage FTR 308 win. it has a 30" barrel with a 1in 12 twist and I am trying to find some help in developing a load for it. I have tried IMR 3031 42.5 grs and it chronied at 2645 fps. When I used IMR 4895 at 43.5 gr I got 2730 fps. This is my first shot at an F-class shooter so I'm not sure which way to go as far as which loads may work best in this type rifle. I plan on shooting from 300 to 800 yds so I assume the round needs some extra "umph". Some guys at the range tell me that are shooting anywhere between 2780 fps and up 2850 fps out of 24" and 26" barrels in the same caliber. If anyone else has one of these rifles or any ideas what load would work best I would greatly appreciate any info offered. Thanks, :confused:
  2. Mark K. C.

    Mark K. C. Member

    Jan 21, 2008
    Yacolt , Washington
    Using 48 grains of IMR 4895 with the 110 SP from Hornady or Sierra will get you 3200 fps. Or 44 grains of IMR 4895 with the 150 SP from Nosler, Speer or Sierra will get you 2700 fps. This info came from the 11th edition of Cartridges of the World. Hope it helps.
  3. Jim Watson

    Jim Watson Member

    Dec 24, 2002
    What weight bullet?

    My Savage .308 predates the Factory F-T/R guns, but is similar.
    I load 44 gr Varget and a 175 gr SMK for 2654 fps. That is not a maximum load but is more accurate than the max.

    A 168 at 2730 will get you by at 300 - 800 yards but is not satisfactory for 1000. Some 1000 yard ranges don't even allow a 168 .308.
  4. browningguy

    browningguy Member

    Jul 21, 2004
    Houston, TX
    Actually I believe that with the 30" tube that load would certainly stay superonic at 1000. I've been thinking about getting an F/TR or building one similar with the 30" tube to shoot the 155 Scenars, they have a BC of .521.
  5. atlanticfire

    atlanticfire Member

    Feb 15, 2007
    Eastern Shore
    I also have the FTR in 308 and I'd have to say Jim is right on. I've used both Sierra 168 MK and 175 MK with varget. Mostly 168s with 44 gr. Might want to give it a try. I've only shot it to 300 yards cause thats all the range I've got :banghead:
  6. Jim Watson

    Jim Watson Member

    Dec 24, 2002
    Actually, Browningguy, they won't. As I said, some ranges won't even allow them.

    I have a supply of 155 Scenars and will be going over to them when my supply of 175 SMK is shot up. Equal or better BC and 2900 fps. The VLDs from Berger and JLK are worth a look, too. My fast twist .223 shoots the 90 gr VLDs very close to a 175 gr .308.
  7. brooks

    brooks Member

    Jul 28, 2003
    I've found that the 6mm BR web page had a lot of good advice for
    competition shooters.

    Here is some info and opinions on .308
  8. Oaken

    Oaken Member

    Jun 22, 2008
    Near Stonehenge
    I hope you find this usefull.
    F/TR 30” 1:12 Varget, Lapua, Remington 9.5
    All seated .010 off lands
    Regret only one shot with each load so take chrono figure as a rough guide only.

    155gr Lapua Scenar BC .508
    40gr 2660fps
    41 2715
    42 2775
    43 2811 @1200 1143fps (JBM)
    44 2881
    45 2929
    46 2993

    155gr Sierra Match King BC.443
    43gr 2704fps
    44 2777
    45 2843
    46 2884
    47 2993 @1200 1090fps (JBM)

    168gr Sierra Match King BC .447
    41gr 2636fps
    42 2681
    43 2739
    44 2787
    45 2840 @1200 1052fps

    168gr Berger VLD BC .512
    40gr 2521fps
    41 2638
    42 2711
    43 2758 @1200 1129fps
    44 2790 (flattened primer)

    175gr Sierra Match King BC .496
    40gr 2596fps
    41 2640
    42 2684
    43 2705
    44 2774 @1200 1110fps
    45 2792 (flattened primer)

    The Berger VLD’s carry the highest downrange velocity provided the BC can be trusted.
    The BergerVLD’s and the 175 SMK’s - considerably smaller groups but I need to do a lot more load testing.
    Scenars look very good on paper but were very disappointing groupwise.:barf:
    I am going to stick with the 175 SMK and the 168VLD's for now.
  9. 24kshooter

    24kshooter Member

    Apr 3, 2005
    You have a long barrel which give you an opportunity to burn a bit slower powder like Varget as recommended. 175's and somewhere in the 44 gr. range. Lapua brass.
  10. NCsmitty

    NCsmitty Member

    Jun 29, 2008
    North Carolina
    IMHO, with a 30" barrel, a little bit slower powder might give you an advantage with the heavier bullets. Varget is a great powder for the 308, but perhaps powders like BLC2 or H380 or IMR4007SC could give a velocity boost in that long barrel. It's important to try different loads to get that optimum load. You also need a COL that's as long as possible to function well and still give as much powder space as you can get.

  11. dagger dog

    dagger dog Member

    Jan 30, 2008
    SO. IN
    From the rifle data furnished and IMHO the 168gr match style bullets could be on the upper limit for the 1-12" twist of your bbl.

    I suggest the 155 gr Sierra Palma and Hodgdon
    Varget at 44grs, Federal 210M primer.
    as a start the MAX being 47 grs. The velocity being 2,625 to start, but that is out of a 24"bb' you can use the rule of thumb and add 20 fps for each inch of bbl over 25".

    You will have to get the proper OAL for your chamber, but the starting point is 2.775"
  12. rodregier

    rodregier Member

    Aug 5, 2007
    Halifax,NS Canada
    155g Scenars and a case full of Varget w/Lapua brass is what I'm using for F-TR format matches in .308 Win.
  13. BoomerTG1

    BoomerTG1 Member

    Jun 23, 2007
    use the 155 scenars. they stomp the 168 and 175 SMK's
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