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Scouting and Shooting

Discussion in 'General Gun Discussions' started by CAPTAIN MIKE, Dec 22, 2005.

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    Nov 10, 2003
    Home of the Brave
    I just completed organizing a new VENTURE Scout Crew --- appropriately designated Venture Crew 1911.

    While "high adventure" will include things like boating, fishing, mountain climbing, rapelling, skiing, etc. we are going to be home based at a nearby outdoor Rifle & Pistol Club and all of us on the adult committee are enthusiastic shooters who are NRA-certified Instructors and Range Safety Officers.

    Venturing is a colleague of the Explorer Program in Scouting. It is a co-ed youth-run program with adult shadow leadership. While Venturing as a stand alone program within Scouting is only about 10 years old, it has had very positive success in retaining Scouts once they attain 14 years old and start getting affected by the two 'Fumes" --- Perfumes and Car Fumes.

    We hope to enjoy good success with this Venture Crew and I hope this message on The High Road will encourage some of you to look into forming a similar unit yourselves. Venturing is a very positive alternative to gang membership, and I hope you'll make an effort to help a new unit get started in your area with your initiative and enthusiasm. I would hazard a guess that many of us on THR learned how to shoot in the Scouts and we had our first exposure to firearm safety and to the sheer FUN of shooting.
  2. orygunmike

    orygunmike Member

    Apr 6, 2004
    Portland, Oregon by way of Southern California

    Congrats on starting up your Venture Crew!

    I just finished a 5 year stint as a Scoutmaster...and was Cubmaster before my boys moves into Boy Scouts. We did a little bit of shooting (other than summer camp) and it was always a hit with the boys.

    I'd love to have a crew based out of a shooting range..

    Best of luck, and thanks for being involved with our youth.
  3. migoi

    migoi Member

    Feb 11, 2004
    Our current...

    president of the Hawaii Rifle Association is involved with the Boy Scouts here. Several times over the past two years I've volunteered to spend the day helping with shooting venues for Boy Scouts and Venture Scouts.

    For the Boy Scouts we usually do a day of .22 rifle shooting on the range at their Pupukea camp. For the Venture Scouts we set up a trap head at the back of their lodge and launch clays.

    We also did a fundraiser for the Scouts at Risk program. Businesses paid to send teams of four for a day of competitive shooting and archery. We raised a goodly amount of money to help out boys from low income families be in Scouting.

    Overall a worthwhile way to spend a few days a year.

    Thanks for stepping up to make tomorrow better, Mike.

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