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Secret City Weaponeers K-25 Holsters

Discussion in 'Handguns: Holsters and Accessories' started by Seraph, Dec 18, 2010.

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  1. Seraph

    Seraph Member

    Nov 16, 2004
    I've been a member here for a few years, but have been pretty busy for most of that time, so many fellow members likely will not recognize me. Therefore, I'll make, now, my own brief self-introduction. My name is Anthony S. Taylor. I've been working in the firearms industry for a few years, but haven't found much reward or satisfaction working for others, so I've formed a little company, Secret City Weaponeers, named after my hometown of Oak Ridge, TN, aka the Secret City, aka the Atomic City. The mission is to provide only the very best survival equipment I can create or acquire, and to excel in customer service and satisfaction. While I have plans laid for various types and genres of gear, I've chosen to make my initial offerings of a type that is certainly of almost universal appeal and relevance - that being concealed carry holsters.

    I have the Isotope 7 IWB Concealment Holster, which is a premium leather holster made exclusively for my company, by Gary Brommeland, and based on his superlative Max Con V design. It is a gunleather connoisseur's dream rig, featuring all the functional advantage of the very best IWB design in the business, but with a more utilitarian aesthetic treatment that allows its sale at an irresistible price point. The only trouble with these is in keeping them in stock.


    In response to heavy customer demand for a convertible holster that would perform equally well as either an IWB or an OWB, I've created a Kydex rig that I call the K-25 Multi-Role Concealment Holster. This holster is designed for excellence in the IWB concealment role, with outstanding multi-role adaptability, via the use of alternate attachment hardware. With the removal of the tough synthetic IWB soft loops, it can accept Kydex OWB hard loops, various popular tuckable clips, and some popular MOLLE compatible attachment hardware. K-25 combines comfort and concealability that you might never expect of an all-Kydex holster, with retention and draw characteristics that you would ONLY expect of a Kydex holster.


    With the introduction out of the way, I'll get on with the reason I've started this thread. I've received some PM's from members, inquiring about my plans for making models of my K-25 Multi-Role Concealment Holster for various sidearms. I'm just one guy, and my production capacity is, consequentially, somewhat limited. From the outset, I've intended to cover only the very most popular sidearms, so that I can reduce my customers' wait times. I hope that I might, eventually, have all models in stock, all the time, and ready for immediate shipping.

    Right now, I'm making holsters for Glock 17/22/31, Glock 19/23/32, and M&P 9/.40/.357 FS. I'm currently constructing templates for Glock 20/21, and M&P 45. I have Ring's Blue Guns, and other supplies, en route to me, for the construction of Glock 26/27/33 and M&P 9/.40/.357 Compact templates. Because of the somewhat unusual way in which I construct my holsters, each new model requires a time consuming and expensive setup, so that I have to carefully prioritize which models to serve next. I've recently received inquiries, on this forum, and on some others, into certain models which I've, heretofore, assumed I would get to a bit later. However, I want to make fellow forum members happy, and I certainly want to broaden the selection of available holsters. I might possibly move some models up on my schedule, if there's sufficient interest to warrant financing their setup sooner, rather than later.

    Here are some models that I've been asked about recently -

    • The entire Springfield Armory XD line, including the XDM's. Surprisingly, the XD-45 has been most often requested among these.
    • Sig P226R, P229R, P239, and P225.
    • HK P30, and HK 45.
    • Beretta 92F, and PX4 Storm.

    I'm not exactly looking to make this into a sales ad, but I really would like to sort of survey the interest of the membership. If you'd be interested in seeing some of these aforementioned models accommodated in my K-25 line, please let me know, by posting here in this thread, or, if you prefer, by emailing me, at seraph@secretcityweaponeers.com.

    Thanks, to the general membership, for your time and attention. Thanks, to the Administrators, for your hospitality and forbearance.
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