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Security Six Grip Question

Discussion in 'Handguns: Revolvers' started by Dave Reese, Oct 9, 2005.

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  1. Dave Reese

    Dave Reese Member

    Jul 10, 2003
    Just picked up a 2 3/4" Ruger Security Six and have a question relating to its grips. I'm not at all happy with the factory grips, which are uncomfortable and will likely leave the piece hard to control in rapid fire. Instead, I've placed Pachmayr Gripper Professional grips on the Ruger. These work better, but leave the following two problems:

    1. The fingergrooves feel odd; and
    2. They extend about 3/8" below the butt and thus are less concealable.

    I'm looking, then, for some compact--either wood or rubber--grips with the following requirements:

    1. No fingergrooves
    2. Fit flush with the butt, as this is a carry revolver.
    3. Leave the backstrap exposed, as I have small hands and likely won't be able to reach the trigger with anything covering the backstrap.

    If there're no grips out there meeting these requirements, is it possible to "grind" or otherwise modify hard rubber grips like Pachmayrs without making a complete mess out of them? I'd like to try making them fit flush with the butt and eliminate the finger grooves, but I'm not sure it's possible.

  2. KONY

    KONY Member

    Aug 30, 2004
    Fairfax, Northern Virginia
    You need to check Ebay out and rugerforum.com ... with that said, here's a link to Six grips CDNN sells for the Security-Six ... they are cheap enough to buy once of each and keep whichever you like best! :D

  3. timothy75

    timothy75 Member

    Apr 18, 2005
    I have that gun too but have gone back to factory grips on it. Tons of people carry J frames remember and the SS feels much better than they do for me. You might need a Tyler grip extension.
  4. Grayrock

    Grayrock Member

    Jan 21, 2003
    The great state of TEXAS
    secretservice_l.gif You might check out eaglegrips.com. Their Secret Service style looks interesting.
  5. Logan5

    Logan5 Member

    Feb 24, 2004
    I'd start by saying that I hate to ressurect an old thread just to vent, but I'd be lying. ;)

    I ordered a pair of the "brand new factory Ruger rubber gripper" grips for my Security Six from CDNN, and they're pretty grubby and ragged looking. The bushing the grip screw screws into appears to be cross threaded, and although the picture on the website shows two panels and a grip screw, they arrived with no grip screw. This is a bummer, because the factory grip screw for my wooden panels appears to be much too long for this pair.

    Of course I called them to ask if maybe they'd forgotten something; they said they had no idea, put me on hold for 20 minutes, then disconnected me.

    Any more suggestions on other options?
  6. brufener

    brufener Member

    Oct 5, 2005
    Not sure if you are aware of this, but the Security Six had two different frames. The first frame has a slightly larger backstrap than the second frame. The first frame can be identified by having a serial number starting with 150. The second frame can be indentifiedd by having a serial number starting with 151 or higher. Unfortuantely, aftermarket grip makers only make grips for the 151 or higher series.

    I have a 150 series 4" barrel. The person I bought it from included a set of rubber grips on it that fit fairly well, except the backstrap sticks out about 1/4". It hasn't affected my shooting. I also have a pair of wood grips (also included with the gun) made by a custom grip maker that fit as if they were the originals. If you want the name of the maker send me a PM and I'll look.

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