Share this Meme: 3 months after Texas legalized guns in churches....8 citizens stop a bad guy

Discussion in 'Activism Discussion and Planning' started by wacki, Dec 31, 2019.

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    White did attract the attention of the shooter, perhaps preventing him from noticing Wilson. I've got to commend him for his bravery, drawing against the muzzle of a shotgun pointed at him showed serious guts.

    That said, Wilson was already aware of the shooter before the shooter fired a shot. If you watch a good quality version of the video that's zoomed on the action (John Correia has a good one on his Active Self Protection Youtube Channel) you can see that Wilson is already watching the man when he gets up from his seat. When the man pulled out his shotgun, Wilson reacted immediately getting his hand on his firearm about a second later. He left his hand on his firearm but did not draw until White was shot after about another three seconds. At the first shot, Wilson begins his draw, firing a shot about 2 seconds after the shot that killed White.

    Here's a post with a link to John Correia's video. The zoomed portion starts at 2:32.


    At 2:37 the gunman pulls his shotgun. Wilson is standing and looking toward him with his hands folded in front of him. He begins reacting when the shotgun appears and by 2:38 he has his hand on his pistol. At 2:40, the gunman shoots White and about a second later, Wilson begins to pull his gun. At 2:42 the gunman shoots the deacon and at 2:43, Wilson kills the shooter.
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    The anti gun nuts are loosing their minds over this one.
    If I didn't know any better I think they are just mad that 20-30 people didn't die to further their sick agend and confused to why people with concealed hand guns didn't start wildly shooting each other.
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