Sharing ammo and components finds.

Discussion in 'General Gun Discussions' started by Trey Veston, Mar 31, 2021.

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  1. Trey Veston

    Trey Veston Member

    May 30, 2017
    Idaho/Washington border
    I live in an area bereft of gun shops or sources of ammo. For people in Rio Linda, that means there is only one sporting goods store in the area. Two WalMarts in the area stopped selling pistol and AR/AK ammo in the Fall of 2019, and then they have stopped carrying reloading components altogether last summer. The sporting goods manager of one told me that when WalMart got woke, suppliers decided to either no longer do business with WalMart, or make them such a low priority with ammo and components, that WM just couldn't get anything.

    So, that leaves one store, that is also an Ace Hardware store, camping and fishing store, and yuppie outdoor glamping and outerwear store, that has a decent guns and ammo section.

    About 100k residents in the area with a lot of reloaders, hunters and shooters and one place for 40 miles to buy ammo and components means that when they get something in, it goes fast.

    When I am there and they have a shipment come in, I will alert my dad and brother. Last month, they got in cases of 800 Federal .22 LR for $49.99. I called my dad and said I was good on .22 but asked if he needed any. Yep. Bought a box for him.

    I also know that my girlfriend works with a nice older guy that is into guns as well. I texted her that the store had a bunch of powder and ammo come in and to tell her co-worker in case he needed anything.

    She replied that he already knew and had been there earlier to get his restricted two boxes of ammo and 2 lbs of powder.

    Later, I found out that her coworker had a buddy that worked at the store in sporting goods, and would alert him whenever a shipment of ammo, or powder, or primers would come in.

    I remarked that sounded awesome and to have her coworker let her know if any small pistol primers show up since I'm a little low and would like to get a couple hundred extra any chance I could.

    She replied that she mentioned to her co-worker that I would love to know when stuff comes in and he flat out refused. Said he doesn't let ANYBODY know when components come in.

    I don't get it. Once you get your two box limit or whatever, why not let a family member or friend know that ammo is available.

    Every time I've been at the store and found ammo available, I have seen at least a couple of people on their phones telling someone about it.

    I see it as gun owners looking out for their fellow brothers and sisters-in-arms.

    Funny, last time I was there, all the powder that had recently come in was picked over and all that was left was Trail Boss and Lil' Gun. I use Trail Boss for .45 Colt plinking loads and Lil' Gun for .45 Colt and .450 Bushmaster woods loads. Pretty specific and limited use powders. I was getting my pound of each when I heard a younger guy on the phone with someone and reciting the last powder available. Then he replied, "yeah, I've never heard of them either. No idea. Under $30 each, so I'll get some anyway."

    So, yeah, if I'm at the store and find ammo and components, I let family and friends know, and will even pick something up if requested.

    I found my girlfriend's coworker's response to be distasteful. He can only get 2 boxes of anything, anyway. Once he's got his, why not let one or two friends know?

    Do you let family or friend's know if you find components locally?

    I know we have threads occasionally about finding stuff online, but in every case, I've never seen anything be available by the time it is posted. I've clicked on threads 5 minutes old and then gone to the site that supposedly had something, and it was sold out.
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  2. lightman

    lightman Member

    Feb 7, 2011
    Sherwood AR
    I would take both the older guy and the other guy off of my notification list. Scratch my back and I'll scratch yours. Or not!
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  3. euclid

    euclid Member

    Apr 24, 2003
    I think all of these “ammo in stock!” threads only serves to create a faux sense of urgency that prolongs the current shortage. Frankly, I’m getting sick of see them.

    Now, letting your friend know about something to see if he wants you to pick a pound of powder for him is not what I’m I’m talking about.
  4. Barbaroja

    Barbaroja Member

    Apr 9, 2020
    I think it’s a good thing to let a buddy or family know when you see something available if you know they are looking for it.
    Especially now where your limited to the amount you can get. I would have loved to grab the brick of small pistol primers on the shelf at sportsman’s the other day for my neighbor who needs them but I can only get 1 brick and I needed the large pistol. So I called him and told him to hurry up. It’s the best I could do to help a shooter in need. If I knew someone was a reseller they wouldn’t hear a peep from me.

    As far as that guy goes he should be willing to give you a heads up it does him no harm. If his friend that works at the shop asked him not to do that would be one thing but in that case he should have kept that info to himself.
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  5. Bfh_auto

    Bfh_auto Member

    Feb 23, 2016
    If I know someone's looking for something. When I see something close to their description. I let them know.
    It doesn't hold to guns and ammo only.
    I enjoy helping people if I can.
  6. NTSO2150

    NTSO2150 Member

    Apr 8, 2021
    Trey, it sounds like your girlfriend's coworker needs a friend! It might take time, but eventually you may be "in the know". I think it's always a good thing to help a friend out any way one can. It's how friendship works. Right now it sounds like the coworker has an "every man for himself" attitude.
  7. DustyGmt

    DustyGmt Member

    Nov 7, 2016
    Green Mountains Vermont
    Maybe he wants to think he has "the special hookup" and doesn't want to put the heat on his buddy in retail. Sounds like a lone wolf type. I don't mind these types, to each his own. The polite thing would have just been to brush it off with a "yeah ill let you know if I hear, etc..." just sounds like he was being very direct about having no interest in helping you out. Nothing wrong with that I suppose, but I probably wouldn't fall over backwards to give him a heads up next time...
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