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SHOOTING GALLERY New Season/New Times!!

Discussion in 'General Gun Discussions' started by MBane666, Dec 21, 2004.

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  1. MBane666

    MBane666 Member

    Mar 15, 2004
    Hey kids;

    We crank up SEASON 3 the week of 27 December with the International Rifle Championships from Gillette, WY. DARN hard match—shots out to 1000 yards, from helicopters, from moving Humvees, from boats.

    Got all sorts of cool stuff this season, and I thiknk I may have hit a personal best in non-political correctness!

    Got new times, too:

    MONDAY 8:30AM Eastern
    WEDNESDAY 6:00PM Eastern
    FRIDAY 8:00PM Eastern

    Sorry I've been so slack in posting...the last quarter has been a nightmare of travel!

    I'll be around home until SHOT, so if you've got questions, ask away.

    Michael B
  2. RM

    RM Member

    Jan 18, 2003
    Hey Michael, I'm looking forward to your new season. I have TIVO recording your show and will update my recording schedule.

    I find SG to be the best gun show on television. The secret of your success, IMHO, is that you stick with one topic for the entire program- not 2 minutes of this and 4 minutes of that, like most of your competitors.
    Also, I want add my feedback about SG programming. IMHO, there are too many programs on tactics and training. The last one I saw from Oregon with people running around indoors for 10 seconds or 13 seconds was the worst SG I have seen. I would like to see the best ideas about training and tactics, but not every concept out there.
    What would I like more of? In short, educate me. One of your competitors did a brief segment on rifle scopes. How about a whole show on rifle scopes- how they work and what's new? You could do a show around AK-47's, talk about different variations, aftermarket parts, etc. Do a show on reloading, or a show on how AR-15's are manufactured and assembled.
    Two of my favorite SG's: the show on suppressors and the show on Barrett rifles. Unfortunately, I missed your show on lasers, but hope to catch it later.
    Keep up the good work, Michael. Thanks for bringing us excellent programming.
  3. EricO

    EricO Member

    Jul 28, 2003
    Mr Bane, I too am looking forward to Season #3 of Shooting Gallery. Although RM is certainly entitled to his opinion of the show, and it's not a bad one at that, I like it just the way it is (I mentioned specifics in an offline email). So much so, that I'd like to ask you if there's anyway possible to obtain DVD recordings or tapes of all the past shows. Has the Outdoor Channel thought of providing this service? Perhaps putting several shows on one DVD and offering them for sale. If not, if any viewers out there have recordings of past shows (providing it's legal, of course :) ) and there's a way to transfer them, I'd be very interested.

  4. SteelEye

    SteelEye Member

    Jun 4, 2003
    SW ID
    My wife and I enjoy your show and look forward to new episodes. The one episode that stands out in my mind was the one about LEO training where the shooters shot strong/weak hands with no movement of the gun.

    That one episode was more informational and usefull then any other gun show I've seen, ever. If you keep that type of quality in your programming, I will be a most delighted viewer.

  5. MBane666

    MBane666 Member

    Mar 15, 2004
    Thanks, guys!

    It's always a weird balancing act on content. I have five "buckets" I dump the content into, five separate categories of content, and I try to balance 'em all out. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't...no battle plan survives first encounter with the enemy!

    That said, I'm looking at an AK-47 piece for Season 4. I actually got to spend some time with Mr. Kalashnikov a year ago, and it was very interesting. I asked him whether of all the possible futures he imagined for himself, he ever thought he'd end up a "celebrity" at the SHOT Show. he just laughed. There are a couple of American manufacturers turning out world class AK receivers (the U.S. military, for example, uses some of the Americanized AKs for Special Forces teams as needed), and I was thinking an episode that would include building up the "ultimate AK."

    We built an AR in Season 1, and I think I'm going to revist all the new accessories now available after the sunsetting of the Ban. I'm especially interested in trying out the new Brownell's premium AR mags and Chip McCormick's drop-in trigger system. Chip showed me a prototype a couple of years ago, and it was indeed a better mousetrap.

    I'm trying to get DVD sales up and going, but this last quarter was a screaming nightmare--our hDTV cameras came TWO MONTHS LATE, blowing an 8-week hole in the shooting schedule for both SG and our new series, COWBOYS. We filmed 24 shows since the last week of August! I'm amazed I still have a girlfriend (and a home!).

    Amazingly, we're looking at ramping up at least one, and maybe two, new series in 2005. More shooting shows is better!

    Again, thanks!

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