SHOT Show 2012

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I read on the SHOT site that only official "media" are allowed to take photos / videos. Is this true? Or do they care. I was planning on recording some of the sights visually and want to plan accordingly.

They do care and they have staff to police this

correct...but the staffing is light, and it's rare that that you will get caught with all the traffic (kind of like driving faster than the speed limit on the highway).

If you ask the company who makes the sights if you can take pictures/video, you should be fine, even if you are not official media.
I will be there to seek new innovative equipment, tools, merchandise, and technology that can be used in the next gun store, training, shooting range facility we build. Can't wait to go but exicited about getting back to complete the site selection on the next site here in Carolina.

Will be posting what I can of the show for those interest at Twitter: ShootingRanges and Facebook: Shooting Range Advisory
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Push Kel Tec to pump out some more KSG's. I want that shotgun :)
Quality affordable guns are always a plus too.
I'd love to hear some updated news from Ruger. A lot of us are waiting on th SR 1911's production to catch up to the demand. Any chance one of you guys could at least bring the question up?
Optics for 300BLK

I'd be interested in any announcements associated with optics built for 300BLK ammo especially anything with split BDC for sub and supersonic.
like to see more about that single stack XDM in 45 ACP
Barrel length, grip size. I hope it's not a 1911 sized Glock 36.
Black MZ

I'd like info from Alliant (aka ATK) about the "Black MZ" blackpowder substitute. There has been loads of speculation out here about what exactly it is. Some say it is simply retooled older stuff, while others disagree. I need to know whether it is actually new, and if the Alliant claims about moisture resistance are real.
Tavors, .300 BLK, and Magpul 870 stuff are all neat, and I would like to see those, but my main vote will have to go to see various manufacturers of leverguns (especially big-bores). I wonder if anyone will have anything new this year (and I would like to know whether that sick monstrousity of an idea known as the Mossberg 464 SPX Tactical actually exists or not).:what:
I think the tactical mossberg levergun is a ploy to test out the integrity of gun-writers and reviewers... if they say "Hey, this is stupid, bad idea, ugly and pointless..." then they are good to go.

Any reviewer who says things like "fills a niche", "suprisingly innovative", etc... well, I'll never look at anything review-wise with their name on it again.
Action Target now has a simulator. Not all the features of gun jams and failures that Meggitts system has, but the interface is different. There are photos which make the scenarios a faster learn for the operator.
I would like to see S&W announce they are doing away with the internal lock, dropping the price of all revolvers by $25, and offering the IL as a special-order option only.
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