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Shotgun and rifle bag

Discussion in 'Shooting Gear and Storage' started by DirtyBrad, Sep 19, 2006.

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  1. DirtyBrad

    DirtyBrad Member

    Jun 13, 2005
    I'm looking for a gear bag for my rifle and shotgun. Nothing I've seen is really blowing my skirt up, so I'm hoping if I describe what I want, you guys, in your infinite wisdom and experience, will have some good recommendations.

    I'm not looking for anything too big or too complicated. It's sort of a BOB, but just for the gun stuff. I'd like something to keep next to the safe to grab for either defending the homestead or hitting the road.

    What I want to keep in it is ammo, basic cleaning stuff, and field repair kits for both my AR and 870.

    I'd like it to hold mabye 6 or 8 AR mags and have pouches for loose shotshells. I'd like two pouches so I can quickly grab 00 or rifled slugs as necessary, maybe 25 or so shells in each.

    I'd like the mag holders and shell pouches to be on the outside so I can easily access them. One problem that I have with some of the stuff I've looked at so far is that it's a very big bag with just a couple of pouches on the outside. I'd like the emphasis to be on the pouches on the outside, but still need room on the inside for the repair and maintenance stuff, as well as for some extra boxes of ammo.

    A couple of small pouches for pistol mags or an internal pistol holster or something would be nice, but aren't requirements.

    I'm thinking like a single cross strap, but would be open to other styles if they seem useable and accessible.

    Anyway, thanks for reading. I look forward to your suggestions.
  2. Jorg Nysgerrig

    Jorg Nysgerrig Member

    Apr 13, 2006
    I don't know of anything exactly like what you are looking for, but maybe something like these?

    This might work, it would be helpful to see in person:

    This looks interesting, but seems designed for 20 rnd mags:

    Maybe something like this to which you could attach pouches of your choosing?

    Here's a few more:
  3. Exmasonite

    Exmasonite Member

    Sep 4, 2006
    i've been eyeing the Maxpedition attache bags but they're "thin"... designed for laptop plus the accessory pouches. check out the "MPB" (multipurpose bag)


    I like it (i have 2... one for school, one for range) b/c it's:
    1) "wider" (i can fit a laptop + 2-3 decent sized text books/binders in main compartment)
    2) more discreet... doesn't look super uber tactical if you have to blend in w/ the sheeple when the SHTF
    3) has foam protection on each of the 2 main outer pockets (ie you can put binocs, PDA, camera) in those pouches and they should be safe.
    4) has a velcro divider in main pouch that can accomodate their modular holster
    5) as with any maxpedition product, it's damn near nuke proof.

    btw, they have an neat option that might work out for you... they have two velcro loops on the top of the bag for retaining a Large Mag lite or umbrella. w/ the rifle in your hand, it might be a decent place to lash down a pistol-gripped shottie, etc.

    lastly, a nalgene will fit in the large end pocket of the MPB. not exactly "designed" for it like the other attache bags but still works fine.

    good luck!

    edit: oh, walmart also has a decent range bag for $30 that has a bunch of outer pockets and expandable mesh pouches for shotgun shells.
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