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SHTF gun for girls?

Discussion in 'General Gun Discussions' started by atavist, Feb 25, 2011.

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  1. atavist

    atavist Member

    Mar 7, 2010
    There's probably already a thread on this but I was unable to find it... so...

    What is your wife's/girlfriend's preferred SHTF/WROL gun? Rifle, not pistol...

    Just to be specific here is what we are looking for. A high-cap long-gun that ideally has ranges up to or beyond 300 yards. The gun should be "field worthy" (able to withstand light abuse over a protracted timeline). Light enough for her to carry the gun and ammo at a forced march pace (3 - 4 mile/hour) for a protracted timeline. not necessarily an assault rifle, as I have no intention of allowing her to become decisively engaged (the high-cap is desired so that she could provide suppressive fire for others to maneuver for assault)

    My fiance and I are in the process of trying on guns for her... so far our results have been:

    My SA93 model AK is to heavy for her (for protracted carry) and the ammo is too heavy in bulk for her to carry, but she likes the way it shoots and can shoot it comfortably...

    ... I'll just go ahead and put say that I'm one of these anti-AR guys, so we aren't looking at them.. although I may reconsider this stance with the new piston kits that are out... but then the price of an AR and the piston kit is a bit too high for our tastes...
    The mini 14s I've shot have all had ftf issues with mags that fed well in other guns...
    The SU 16 catches our eye but we haven't been able to find one yet to play with... and I have doubts about its long range accuracy... that's not what it's made for...
    she loves my camp 9 but I don't completely trust it's reliability and as a 9mm it's range and power are less than I'd like...
    sub 200 we both think has potential but can't deal with how rickety it is (although yes it is a good shooter)..
    pc9 is too heavy and has too heavy and long a trigger pull...
    hi points are good shooters but their low cap only mags rule them out.. and as I've said we'd really like a rifle round rather than a carbine...

    We are currently looking for a 5.56 AK to try out... I'm not against the 5.56 round... just the gas impingement system of the AR (lets not turn this into an AR debate)

    anybody got any recommendations? what does your lady choose as her weapon of choice...
  2. Tommygunn

    Tommygunn Member

    Jun 14, 2006
    Morgan County, Alabama
    Ruger Mini 14, Mini 30, ??
    The M-1 Carbine would be a good choice, except ammo is getting a bit difficult to obtain in some parts of the country -- although by mail or internet order it's usually available.
  3. HBrebel

    HBrebel Member

    Jan 24, 2011
    HB CA
    she likes my ruger 10/22 the best. .380 for sidearm
  4. Robert

    Robert Moderator Staff Member

    Jun 7, 2006
    Texan by birth, in Colorado cause I hate humidity
    I would say AR but...
    How about a 91/30? The Russian women help fight off Nazi hoards with them so it has to be good for the present day pretend battlefield. Or an M1 Garand? I mean Patton loved the thing, now there was a real man. Or an AK, cause you know, they never fail ever. And you can shoot like 100y with one. The Blue Helmets won't know what hit them... :rolleyes:

    So my choice would be:
    9mm M&P

    And remember it is shiny side in so your thoughts don't escape.
  5. Justin

    Justin Moderator Emeritus

    Dec 29, 2002
    Hi atavist, welcome to THR.

    We don't really do SHTF threads around here, because more often than not they're unrealistic day dreams. If you're interested in discussing real-world uses of defensive firearms, please check the Strategies and Tactics forum.
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