SIG P229 & P220 refresh?

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Apr 9, 2003
I have a 9mm SIG P229 and .45 P220 from the mid 90's. The Tritium sights on both guns have been dead for quite some time. I would like to update the sights on both guns, as well as get new trigger assemblies for both. I had installed the SRT trigger on both and hate them with a passion. The creep on the second stage is too much.

So I need 3 recommendations
* New sights. (Both have an 8 on the front sight if that helps)
* Trigger (thinking Grayguns ?)
* Gunsmith for both

I know this surgery is fairly easy, but I don't work on my own guns. I'm not sold on official SIG sights either. My eyes are getting worse from age so an 'upgrade' to make both guns easier to see is welcome. I've retrofitted Shield red dot sights on some of my other guns, but I don't want to bastardize these that much.
I see your sights...

...they’re the good old oldies!

I think I put Meprolights on mine, can’t really remember.

Eyesight’s still awesome, but my memory’s going really rapidly...
Many many years ago I had Sig replace the night sites on my P220. They had a really good deal including shipping. May want to call them. It's can't hurt.

Replacing Sig sights (like SA XDs) is not for the average gun owner. Without a sight pusher they are impossible to remove.
Again many years ago on the Sig forum they had a few members that would send out sight pushers, you use it and then send it to the next person on the list. It was pretty amazing. All on faith.

I put the SRTs in my Sigs and like them but nothing to compare them to,
If you need a gunsmith for these tasks, Sig Armorer.

What SRT did you install? Sig stupidly sells 2 items called SRTs and both are different. One is a trigger shoe, the other is a new sear and lever.
The sear and lever reduce reset and takeup.
It looks like Graygun will do it all for me, so I'm on their list. thanks.
Gray guns did the work on my 229 decades ago. Bruce him self worked on mine. The SA trigger pull is like 3#, breaks like glass. The DA is lighter than factory but smooth now. Original it felt like it had gravel in it.

Gerry, at Total Automation does very good work on Sig's also. He is the one that came up with the high torque trigger to deal with the heavy DA pull in the SRT (DA/SA).
My biggest problem with my SIG's is it feels like I pull the trigger for days. It affects my accuracy. I like that Grayguns can do both things, so I think this thread is moot now. Thanks for the suggestions guys.
I'm a Sig armorer. I would recommend going back to the original trigger components and getting Sig's narrow trigger. The originals in Sig pistols feel like a staple gun trigger. The narrow one does wonders for feel and reach, and also trigger pull/grip ergo. I've changed out quite a few for our agency guns and they shoot like a different pistol. I use an MGW sight pusher to remove and install sights. It's necessary - those sights are IN THERE! I like the SigLite factory tritiums myself, but I know some folks like the orange front white rear contrast sights. Another suggestion: Try the E2 grips on your gun. Some folks like them, some folks hate them. They snap on and do away with grip screws. They make a huge difference. 841056.jpg th?id=OIP.jpg
like the SigLite factory tritiums myself, but I know some folks like the orange front white rear contrast sights.

I probably have a gun with every brand of night sights around. Most of my sig are just plain sights but I have 3 with night sights. A 226, a 220 with trijicon, and a newer 320 with the factory night sights The 320 has the brightest sights of anything I've seen. Very nice.

I'm in the hate e² grips camp. I take them off everything. I have several in a drawer. But it's certainly worth trying.
The picture isn't very good, but I like the Truglo TFO Pros I have on my P224.


Tritium and fiberoptic in one. The picture shows them at about the worst they get in terms of visibility. Not enough direct light for the FO to shine, and not nearly dark enough for the tritium to show.
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