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SIG P229R 9mm

Discussion in 'Handguns: Autoloaders' started by IdaOne, Oct 29, 2007.

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  1. IdaOne

    IdaOne Member

    Sep 25, 2007
    In a state of Despair
    In search for a HD nightstand gun, and this model is the most apealing. What can you tell me about this gun in 9mm. I know the .40/.357 chambering are more popular then the 9mm. How well does it shoot and whats a fair price for a NIB with standard capcity magazines?
  2. Lonestar49

    Lonestar49 Member

    Feb 17, 2007
    So. Calif.
    Must be my, have gun, day.. lol


    Just happen to have, "and use" my Sig P229R CT 9mm for just that, my night home SD/HD gun and nightstand gun.

    I got mine with the CT, Crimson Trace, laser grips as well, which makes for point shooting with both eyes open, for much better SA (situational awareness). And, in my State, I have a max magazine load of 10 rounds, + 1 chambered, if I chose to load that way, for a total 11-round count. Other States, which the mags on my gun would hold, except for the plastic plug, 14 rounds, plus one chambered for 15 rounds.

    NIB, was just under 1K plus tax and DOJ fees.

    I have put 2700 rounds thru her without any problems, none, just 100% and currently use 135gr Hydra Shok JHP for SD/HD, as it is very close, recoil and getting follow-up shots on target, to the Winchester, or Federal new 115gr FMJ ammo I use for practice at the range.

    In my book, solid investment, totally reliable and dependable, great, balanced shooter with excellent accuracy at close range out to 63ft, max at my range.

    They come with an extra magazine, real Sig Night Sights, glow-green, and are one of, if not, the easiest guns to disassemble, inspect, clean, and reassemble, out there, bar none.

    Really can't say enough good things about the P229 9mm.. :) far right


    Last edited: Oct 30, 2007

    1BLINDREF Member

    Jan 10, 2007
    SE Pennsylvania
    +1 what LS said :)

    I don't have a P229 in 9mm, but I have one in .40S&W. It's my main CCW this time of year through to the spring. One advantage to getting one in 9mm is todays cost of ammo. You'll be able to practice alot more for less money. With todays bullet technology, 9mm is a great defensive round.
    The P229 in 9mm is a tank. It was originally designed to handle the .40S&W/.357sig round. It has a solid milled slide and it'll probably outlast you.
    Prices seem to vary around the country. You can check Gun Broker or other on-line auctions to get an idea of what they are going for new. It also depends on what model and what sights you get on it and if you get it in the tradional DA/SA or the DAK (double action only) trigger.
    Good luck!
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